Thursday, February 14, 2008

I don't understand

I was about to blog about caffeine withdrawal; then I heard there was a shooting on the campus of NIU -- my alma mater. Caffeine didn't seem important anymore.

I'm tired of all the school shootings. I'm already a nervous parent the way it is, how am I going to send my kids to college? Or high school? What could be so bad that you need to take a gun to campus and shoot somebody? Not that it is much better, but what happened to the days of fist fighting? Sure, people got hurt, but for the most part, nobody died. It's too early to say whether or not anybody died in this latest attack, but the early reports are that the gun man has been taken down. Not a term that is generally used to mean handcuffed and taken downtown.

What do we need to do? There is always talk of gun control, but then everybody starts getting rattled about the right to bear arms and says it is unconstitutional. True, the Second Amendment says that, I'm don't think the intent was to have handguns to blow away people who tick you off.

I don't have the answers; I wish I did. All in know is that kids should be able to go to school without wearing Kevlar.

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