Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Guest Blogger: Happy Birthday!

This is Mrs. Everything Under the Sun. I've taken over Mike's blog to let EverythingUndertheSun readers know that it is his birthday. You may call it breaking in or an invasion of privacy, I call it guest blogging. I am curious to see what Mike calls it.

Anyway, this is Mike's last year in the 30s so please help me send him good wishes and come out of lurking (I know you're out there) to wish him a happy birthday, he deserves it!

Happy Birthday Mike!


Anonymous said...

I think everyone was taking a snow day and didn't check your blog! Happy Belated Birthday!!! I'm sure next year I'll give you a hard time for being 40. Enjoy the last year of being 30 something!

Unfocused Me said...

Happy birthday, Mike!

Mike said...

Thanks guys. One more year in my 30's. I need to live it up!