Monday, February 4, 2008

Lake Geneva Winterfest Run

I started writing a very long post about this race, then I got tied up and work and didn't finish. I pulled up the draft and decided it was too long. Nothing like a long boring entry about a 5K to bore the hell out of everybody.

OK, short and sweet. It was cold. Cold and hilly. I never thought of Lake Geneva as being a hilly place. I think the only hills in the area were on this course. It seemed that way at least. We were warned about the hills by a nice guy we met at registration,which helped us I think. I realize I sound like a wuss, and I readily admit that, but these hills were more than I was prepared for. I live in the suburbs of Chicago, we don't run on hills. Especially in the winter. In the snow. I was afraid I was going to slip and roll down the hill, taking out the other runners like bowling pins. Needless to say, that didn't happen, I would have lead off with that.

Overall, it was fun. We were very cold before the race started, but once we were away from the lake and moving, it wasn't too bad. We have both noticed our shins hurt the day after the race. Or should I say, the muscles in the front of our legs, I don't know what they are called.

Next up, The Shamrock Shuffle in March. I have never run and 8K before; I'm a little nervous. I hope I can make it, especially since we are going to have friends and family members there. I don't want to pass out in front of them.

This didn't turn out very short, did it?

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