Saturday, February 9, 2008

This is Iron Eagle

I watched some of Iron Eagle the other night. Wow. That was not a good movie. I'm sure kids who live with their families on military bases might get away with some things, but stealing an airplane full of ammunition. Really?!

Here's a quick recap. A pilot is shot down and held by some generic Middle Eastern country. The US Air Force can't go in and get him, so the pilot's 16 year old son and his friends devise a plan to get him out. They talk a Colonel into helping them with their plan, and Doug, the son, and the Colonel, Chappy, set off in stolen planes to get Doug's dad back. Yes, of course they succeed, but not until after Chappy gets shot down and Doug must do most of it on his own. No, he has not had formal Air Force training, but does he really need it? He's going against some little country in the Middle East, how hard could it be?

Oh, I almost for got to mention that Doug had some contraption strapped to his leg that allowed him to play his Walkman in the cockpit. It worked so well that somehow, after playing a Queen song, they gained seven minutes on their flight time. I knew Queen was a good band, but I didn't realize they could slow the flow of time.

I liked the fact that the country that Doug Masters and "Chappy" had to attack was so lame that they only had one airbase. They knocked out the single runway that the base had with two missiles and crippled their entire air force. It's not like the country couldn't afford more, Doug blew up an oil field supposedly worth 100 million dollars (say that in Dr. Evil's voice and it is funnier).

Why did I watch it? Well, sometimes it is fun to watch bad movies, the bad acting, the horrible dialogue, and the bad special effects. When these planes were shot out of the sky there was no flame, spark, or explosion of any kind. They just broke apart like the wood mock-ups that they were. Not very exciting.

Now, I will say that I liked the movie when it first came out. I was about 16 and my sister took me to see it. It was hard not to get sucked in when I was about the same age as the kid flying around in the F-16.

This was one of many movies that my sister took me to back in the day. Some she probably should not have taken me to. I remember her getting in trouble for taking my brother and I to see Hooper when I was about eight years old. She was babysitting us while our parents were out on the town. The problem was we couldn't get into the normal show time since it was sold out. I think we got home close to midnight and our parents were either waiting for us or got home at the same time. I'm not sure what got her in more trouble, the time or the movie.

M&M update: I have not had any since Fat Tuesday. I did have some raisinets today, but they are good for me. It says so right on the package!

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