Thursday, February 21, 2008

Totale Eclipse of the Moon

Sing it! I know you know the song I am referencing. It is OK to admit it. Put on your best raspy voice and let it go!

I didn't get out to watch the lunar eclipse last night. It was way too cold and by the time I was able to leave my daughter's room the moon was already coming out of the shadow of the Earth. I tried snapping a couple of pictures from my kitchen window but they did not turn out well at all. Turns out it is pretty difficult to take a picture through a window, without a tripod mind you, when the shutter is staying open for a few seconds. I have a few nice pictures of what could be the moon or a shiny penny. Hard to tell for sure. I'll try again in 2010. I know you can't wait...

Just in case you are still pretending you don't know what I am talking about... here you go.


Unfocused Me said...

You must know my housemates from law school For some reason, that song -- I won't name it -- became our anthem during Saturday morning housecleaning, belted out by the four of us, all guys, at the tops of our lungs while we desperately tried to clean the place up so that our girlfriends could pretend we weren't complete slobs.

"I don't know what to do, I'm always in the dark..."

Curse you. Now that's stuck in my head forEVER.

Mike said...

That would be an interesting sight. I hope they didn't see you guys singing that. I got the song stuck in my wife's head, too. She had a similar reaction. :) Every time I heard about the eclipse that song popped in my head; I had to share.