Thursday, February 28, 2008

Food stuff

I had to stop at the store after work last night to get snacks from my son's class. It was after 11pm so of course I had to buy some snacks for me too. For some reason I wanted cookies. Probably because I was surrounded by them. I scanned the shelves looking for something good. Oreos? No, too bad for you. Milanos? No, too pricey? Fudge Stripe? No, not into them tonight? How about some Chips Ahoy? Sounds good.

You know what? They aren't as good as I remember. Did they change the recipe? I wonder if the healthy food people got after them. You know, ever since Dr. Oz went on Oprah talking about bad fats everyone is changing their recipes. Do you know what makes cookies taste good? Fat. Yep. The fattier the better. Lard would be the best. You know those awesome cookies grandma use to make? They were loaded with fat; that's why they tasted so good. Of course, that is why people died at the ripe old age of 50, but you take the good with the bad.

I like President's Choice chocolate chip cookies the best. They are only sold at (the) Jewel around here. They are a generic brand I guess. I'm not sure why I like them so much. I think it's the chips. The chocolate chunk version is the best one. Maybe I should stop there on the way home? Do we need anything?

I had a smoked ham and swiss sandwich on a croissant and a (very) small ceasar salad from the cafeteria at work. It's one of those meals that sounds a lot healthier than it is. I used to work in a restaurant where our worst meal we had was a salad. People would order it thinking they are eating well, and I'd have to hide a smirk. The steak dinner with potato had less calories and fat. I'd much rather have that. Oh, the ceasar salad I had was soaked in dressing. I like it better when I can put it on myself. I usually use about half of what they give me. A little ceasar dressing goes a long way.

That was an exciting post, wasn't it? Tomorrow I will talk about what kind of toothpaste I use.

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