Sunday, March 16, 2008

The New, New, New Newlywed Game

I caught some of "Here Comes the Newlyweds" last night. My wife had it
on, there was nothing else on, it wasn't my fault, I swear! Anyway, I
found a few things Interesting about the show.

First, they are all newlyweds, of course, but they have to live in a
house together with all the other couples. Yeah, that's what you want
to do as newlyweds, live with 14 other people. And, why does every
show have to put all the people in a house together and then vote off
people? It's funny that reality shows now have no originality now.
Wasn't that was the reason they became popular in the first place,
because they were different?

Second, there was an arranged marriage couple on the show. That's all
fine and good, but wouldn't they be at a disadvantage when they have
to guess things about their spouse? Just a thought. I also found it
funny that each couple had some kind of label, the arranged marriage,
love at first sight, forth time around, etc. They all have names,
that's not enough?

Third. In the episode I saw, the husband had to drive a car
blindfolded while the wife told him where to go. They also had to
parallel park blindfolded. I can barely do that with my eyes
uncovered. I mention to my wife how hard I thought that would be, she
said we'd probably get divorced over it. I don't think so. Maybe if we
did the Amazing Race we would. We've talked doing that show before. We
both agreed it would not be a good idea.

Fourth, the host is the spitting image of Bob Eubanks of the original
Newlywed Game. Was that on purpose? I found that quite amusing.

It's pretty much a waste of an hour, but you can check it out. Let me
know what you think.

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