Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Watched Pop Fiction Tonight

My wife and I watch Pop Fiction last night. Neither of us are big "E!" watchers, but we were flipping through the channels and thought it would be interesting. The show takes celebrities and has them fake out the paparazzi. Not a bad idea really. The episode we saw had Paris Hilton driving around with a guy dressed like a shaman and Avril Lavigne going into maternity stores.

Of course, the paparazzi followed them around and stories started popping up the Paris was following a new religion and Avril was pregnant. Obviously not much of a stretch based on what was photographed. They were just trying to show that no fact checking would be done and the story would get out immediately. So, this is the new "Punk'd". Which makes sense since Ashton Kutcher is behind this. Or, at least his production company.

How long until this show gets old? Not very long. I like the idea. I like messing with the paparazzi, but unless they try some really wacky things, it's going to be the same show every time. They need to mix it up. Have Britney go to work at McDonald's, or P Diddy (is that his current name?) having a garage sale to keep his house. Or, how about Kurt Russell getting kicked out of his house and sleeping in a park?Let's just see how much you can get them to believe. You know these guys are going to follow any celebrity anywhere. They have nothing else to do.

I don't get that job anyway. You stand around in Beverly Hills just waiting for a celebrity to come along so you can follow them. I'm sure they can make decent money doing it, but it seems like a waste of energy, or film.

I'm not sure I should talk, though. My wife and I went to Los Angeles a few years ago for a short vacation. We went to Beverly Hills, ate at The Ivy (saw Heidi Fleiss and John de Lancie, from Star Trek, there), and we saw Harrison Ford on Rodeo Drive. But we didn't stalk any of them, or whip out a camera and take 45 pictures. I did take one of John de Lancie; I couldn't help it, he was Q! By the way, if you go to The Ivy, bring a lot of money. I think our lunch bill was over $65 dollars for a sandwich and some pasta. That would probably be $80 now.

OK, I should stop bashing peoples career choices. Anyway. Check the show out once. It's worth a look. See if they steal my ideas.

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