Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Ready for a New Ab Workout?

Do you want rock hard abs and a strong core without all the work of sit ups or ab machines? Sure, we all want the easy way out. Well, I have a product for you; AB FLU (tm)! It's the latest rage! No more sit ups! No more setting aside time to do any exercises. With ab flu you cough all day long, whether you want to or not. That is the whole ab work out! Cough while you watch TV, cough while you eat, cough while you sleep! That's right, I said you get the benefit while you sleep. No other product can offer that! Only AB FLU (tm).

"With AB FLU (tm) my abs were worked so hard I couldn't get out of bed for three days" (results ARE typical)

What are you waiting for? Call today 1-888-555-AB FLU. Operators are standing by!

If you call in the next 10 minutes we will send you the advanced work out free! (just pay 12.95 s&h) The advanced workout contains Bronchitis which works out the tough to get to intercostal muscles between the ribs! Try to find anyone who has an exercise program for that! You can't! What are you waiting for? Call today! 1-888-555-AB FLU. It could be the most important call you make in the next five minutes!

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