Sunday, March 23, 2008

Weekend Assignment #208 - Spring!

Karen wants us to talk about Spring this week. It isn't easy for us in the Chicago area, actually the Midwest as a whole, this year due to the lack of warmth and abundance of snow.

Meteorologists define spring in the Northern Hemisphere as beginning March 1st; others define it according to the vernal equinox, the return of warm weather, or the appearance of a groundhog's shadow. What does spring mean to you, and what, if anything, do you intend to do about it?

I'm a little torn. I have a degrees in meteorology and psychology (what a combo, huh?). Part of me sees spring as starting on March 1st, it's just easier that way. But, especially around here, it is never warm enough by March 1st to feel like spring. Most of the time it isn't warm enough by the time of the vernal equinox, and don't get me started on the groundhog thing. So, I'd have to say, spring is here when it is nice enough for me to play golf. I don't have to be in shorts, but i don't want to be in a parka either.

I don't have any good plans for the spring. I want to clean up the garage and put some more shelves up. I've been planning to do that since we moved in -- five years ago. It's really been a busy five years, as far as you know.

All I really want is the snow to stop, and the temperatures to get up to, and stay in, the 60's. That's not too much to ask, is it? I want to be able to run outside whenever I have time. I can't stand the treadmill. I don't run on any trails or anything nice to look at, but it is so much better actually getting somewhere when your legs are moving. Running for  40 minutes and not even covering 20 feet is just plain depressing.

What I could do without is the allergies that come with spring. Is there a way to get to warm weather and skip the sneezing? That would make me happy. Sometimes I dread spring because I know what comes along with it. Sometimes it is hard to enjoy the nice weather when you can't breathe.

So, to summarize; golf, warmth, and sneezing. All signs of spring to me.


Florinda said...

Oh, but this spring, you get a puppy, too! Hope things are going well with Quincy.

My stepson's allergies are really acting up already, but spring-like weather starts earlier in California.

Meteorology and psychology? Now that's an interesting combination...does it have an interesting story too?

Mike said...

It's going about as well as we could hope, thanks. It's not a very interesting story. There is a gap of several years between the two. Maybe I'll post about it some time. If I can find an interesting way to tell the story.

Karen Funk Blocher said...

I look forward to the day when modern science truly gets a handle on the whole allergy thing. I could never play golf - too much grass to make me sneeze!

May it all melt soon where you are.

Mike said...

Karen: Tell me about it! I hate cutting the grass because I know I will be suffering the next two days.