Wednesday, March 19, 2008

What Are Your Favorite Snacks: Past and Present?

I got to thinking about snack foods today after getting in trouble for bringing home Hostess Cupcakes. You see, my wife really likes them, as do I, and she didn't want to be tempted to eat them. I can understand that, I am the same when it comes to M&M's. I'm probably worse. It wasn't my fault though, my son wanted them. He begged me to get them when we stopped at the store this afternoon. I asked him whether he liked the cupcakes, or like the fact that the bee from the Bee Movie was on it. He promised he liked them. He didn't. So now the full box calls to us as we watch TV after the kids go to sleep.

Anyway, back to the reason for this post. Growing up, I think we we the sole supporters of the Hostess Snack Cake company. At least the Midwest division. We had them all; Twinkies, Cupcakes, Ho Ho's, Ding Dongs and one of my favorites, Suzy Q's. My mom would keep the Suzy Q's in the freezer so when it was lunch time at school it was the perfect texture. Actually, she did the same thing with the loaf of bread. My peanut butter (chunky version) and jelly sandwiches were perfectly fresh after several hours in my locker. I thought my mom was the smartest person in the world for doing that. Actually the Suzy Q's right out of the freezer were great, too. They were less messy and were like an ice cream sandwich. Now that I think of it, Ding Dongs weren't so bad out of the freezer either.

We were pretty big into the Little Debbie treats also. I remember the brownies and nutty bars being good, but I don't remember much else from that company. When I think about it now, I blame my mother for my current junk food consumption. I never had a chance after growing up with all that stuff!

OK, so we have Suzy Q's from the past, what about the present? Obviously we still buy Hostess things, though not often. We've been buying a lot of the 100 calorie snacks. You know, trying to be smarter. The problem is, if you eat a couple of them it still adds up. But, I guess it is better to eat a couple 100 calorie chocolate pretzels versus a couple cupcakes.

I think I'd be lying if I didn't say M&M's were my favorite snack currently. I like almost all of the varieties. I did get a bag of mint M&M's once during the holidays by accident. Let me tell you, taking in a handful of those when you are expecting regular chocolate is not pleasant. I thought they were poisoned at first. They really need to make the "mint" label bigger on those. I even liked the crispy M&M's. I think I might have been the only person, since they are gone now. I like to eat the almond version and pretend like I'm eating a healthy snack. You know, almonds are good for you.

OK, enough about me. Anyone else have favorite snacks? They can be healthy snacks, you don't have to be like me.


Jamie Ford said...

I had weird tastes as a kid. It was either Zotz, Chick-o-sticks, of those weird caramel/taffy things--I don't remember the name, but they sort of had this zebra-striped packaging.

Come to think of it, I still like that stuff...

Mike said...

Jamie: Zots...was that a hard candy with sugar in the middle? It sounds familiar. Thanks for stopping by.

Jeanine said...

poisoned! ha! I laughed out loud! Were they as bad as jr. mints? Jenn used to love those, puke, too minty.

Mike said...

Jeanine: Yes, Jenn still likes those. She still gets them at movies. I'm not a fan either, but if there is no other chocolate in the house I will have one.