Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween and babies.

Kids like Halloween, right? Most people don't have a problem with Halloween, as far as I know. We all just want to have fun, play dress-up and have candy. Lots of candy.

What's my point? Someone at work just had a baby yesterday. She was induced so she wouldn't have the baby on Halloween. At least that is the story I'm getting. I don't see it as a big deal. Actually, I think the kid might like it later in life. She could have cool birthday parties, bring disgusting candy to school for treats on her birthday, it's perfect. It could be worse. I knew someone who was born on April Fool's Day. Think about all the crap he got every birthday. His parents we kind of loopy though. They probably planned it.

What about Christmas (if that is your holiday)? Isn't that so much worse. You get screwed on presents every year. You know nobody is going to buy you double! Heh, I almost wrote down Easter, then I remembered it moves around every year.

Anyway, would that be a big deal for you to have a child on Halloween? Would you name the baby something Halloween related? Vampira? Ghoulie (instead of Julie)? That's all I can come up with right now. I'm sure you can do better.


dc said...

I don't think being born on Halloween is a big deal. I would have loved it. But some people are weird about it like that. We have a girl here who says she "doesn't celebrate Halloween" and won't acknowledge anything about it.

Don't know what I'd name my kid if they were born on Halloween...maybe Elvira.

Mike said...

DC: Does she sit in the corner and not play nice with the rest of your co-workers? :)

Elvira! That was the name I a trying to remember. Good job! :)

dc said...

Well, she's usually pretty friendly and talkative. She's been quiet at her desk all morning. People are silly.

Florinda said...

My sister was born at 6:45 PM on October 30, so it was ALMOST Halloween, and she's always had to fight to make sure people don't try to combine her birthday with Halloween. Granted, that's not as bad as the combination birthday/Christmas gift for a December 25 birthday, but still...a birthday should be your OWN holiday.

Mike said...

Florinda: I can see that I guess. I have family members with Christmas Eve and day after Christmas birthdays. I'm sure that was fun growing up.