Monday, October 6, 2008

Is it the end, or beginning, of the week?

It has officially changed over to Monday here in my time zone; unfortunately I am awake to observe this since I am at work. Only six more hours to go! Woo! I guess that means it is now the beginning of the work week. Speaking of the beginning of the week, let me ask you a question; what day to you consider the first day of the week? Do you consider Sunday to start the week since all the calendars are set up that way? Or, do you consider the week to start on Monday because that is the day you go to work? Have you ever seen a calendar that starts on Monday? It's weird. We have a dry-erase board that is like that. It is nice to use for all the different things we have going on, but I get very confused looking at it. I'm always a day off. It doesn't take much to confuse me.

Now that the $700 billion rescue bill has gone through we can all rest easy now, right? Our retirement accounts should bounce right back up to where they were by the end of the week, and we can stop burying money in the backyard. Right? No? Crap. All kidding aside, I feel bad for the people just about ready to retire, and those that are retired. They don't have time to make up all the loses that they may have had. It sounds like things won't get back to normal (whatever that is) for at least a year. Let's hope it doesn't get worse. I find it interesting that my iPod wants to keep playing Foreclosure of a Dream by Megadeth. (Yes, I listen to them. They are not as bad as you may think.) What I find really interesting is that the song came out during George H. W. Bush's presidency. The lyrics fit right in to what is happening today as well. Coincidence?

Speaking of politics, did you catch Saturday Night Live this weekend? I told Jenn that the Sarah Palin stuff is going to get old soon, but I liked the debate sketch. Tina Fey really has a good mix of caricature and straight up impression of Sarah Palin to make it really funny. It doesn't hurt that Tina Fey looks a lot like her too.

Great, now I lost my train of thought. Someone brought in some snacks so I was away from my desk eating some. It doesn't take much for my brain to lose its place in the middle of the night. Or any other time for that matter.

We went to the Capital Grill restaurant on Saturday night for Jenn's parent's 40th anniversary. It was some really good food, and they gave us all a free glass of champagne. Oh, and Shirley Temples for the kids. You don't see those much anymore. I know I used to love getting those drinks when I was little. Of course, this was back in the late 70's when all the grown-ups had 3 or more scotches or martinis with every meal. I was used to seeing a cocktail glass in front of them; when I had my own I felt like a grown up. Except my drink didn't burn a hole in my throat. Or liver. But I was still cool, and I got a cherry. Though my mom used to let me eat her olives all the time. She'd rinse them off in her water glass before giving them to me. No need for me to get a hit of vodka at six years old. Maybe that is why I always feel asleep at the table in the restaurants?

Okay, I'm rambling now. See what no sleep does to you? Feel free to let me know all the grammatical and spelling errors in this post. I will gladly look at them, and block you from the comments section! It's the middle of the night. What do you expect?

Hope you all had a good weekend.


dc said...

I guess I consider Sunday the start of the week since that's how it is on the calendar. But obviously Monday is the start of my work week. I'm already hating today and I've only been here for an hour!

I'm so tired. :-/

Mike said...

DC: I think that is how most people feel. I'm tired too. The first day of the midnight shift is always the worst!