Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Scenes from a mom

This is an actual conversation I had with my mom.

Mom: I don't think I like these napkins

Me: Why not?

Mom: They are too hard to iron.

Me: Why do you have to iron napkins?

Mom: They are all wrinkled.

Me: They're napkins. Who is going to care?

She laughed, but continued to iron them. I should know better. She used to iron my t-shirts. No, I'm talking about the ones you wear under other clothes that nobody sees. Oh, and she used to iron my jeans. They had actual points ironed into them. I've poked people in they eye with them. I'm not complaining, since I never had to do laundry while I lived at home. Maybe that is why I have no idea how to iron. My kids have actually asked my mom what an ironing board was. Actually, I think we might still have an unused iron, still in the box, from our wedding shower -- 13 years ago. Maybe it is worth something on eBay.


Florinda said...

Your mom does know about paper napkins, right :-)?

I have never understood why anyone would iron jeans and T-shirts. I know how to iron, but I hate it; fortunately for me, most of the clothing in our house that requires ironing is my husband's, and he does it himself.

dc said...

I don't iron anything. If it's wrinkled, nothing a couple of minutes in the dryer can't fix. :)

Mike said...

Florinda: She does use paper usually. These are more for looks, and special occasions.

Sounds like you lucked out with the ironing. :)

DC: Exactly! That is what the dryer us for. ;)

bluegame said...

I am sure you Iron some things. I am sure that Jenn with her Career
irons almost all things! Even your sister iron's! Every night before I got to bed! Hate it!She still irons everything it is therapy for her as she watches her T.V. Shows!

Mike said...

Lori: No, we don't. It's okay though, nobody does anymore.

Suzanne said...

That was funny. I do not iron anything and never had to because my mother did growing up and my college roommate ironed everything just like your mom - jeans and everything. I LOVE the spray thingee that de-wrinkles or I just take to dry cleaning (although I do that less now living in CA as it's really expensive to dry clean here!). My poor husband irons his own things the very few times he needs items to be ironed.

Mike said...

Suzanne: You had a roommate that did all that ironing? That's pretty rare. She did yours too? I hope you bought her some drinks or food on the weekends.