Friday, October 24, 2008

Now that I think about it. (probably an old theory about Lost)

Remember yesterday when I made a joke about our yard having supernatural powers and that is the reason our trees turn colors so late? No? That's okay. But it got me thinking about healing powers and weird (obviously fake) stuff like that. Those thoughts then lead to Lost and how people are healed on the island, 'the others' haven't aged, and generally weird things happen.

Except for the polar bears doesn't that remind you of an older movie?

Think about it. Maybe the island is surrounded by the cocoons from the movie; that is why people are healed. The others could be the aliens and they moved out to a remote island after the old people in Florida screwed it up for them. Maybe Dharma is just a group of people that found the island and want the technology to themselves. The aliens then enlisted Ben to get rid of all of them so they owe him a debt of gratitude and that is why the listen to him. Better yet, Dharma was working with the aliens in the beginning. All those medical facilities were for those experiments you always hear crazy people talk about after being aubducted. Again, the aliens still got rid of Dhamra with Ben's help. He wants immortality.

So, if I am right Lost is really Cocoon III. I swear, if Steve Guttenberg walks out of the forest I'm going to blow up my TV.

Yes, I am lacking in sleep. Why do you ask?


dc said...

I've never seen a single episode of lost so, I have no idea what you're talking about. :P

Mike said...

DC: That's okay. Nobody else will either. :)

Florinda said...

Did you know that Cocoon was filmed in St. Petersburg, Florida, during the time I was living there? My then-husband's boss ran into director Ron Howard and his daughter in one of the stores downtown. (No one I knew ran into Steve Guttenberg, though.) Half the people I knew saw the movie mostly because they wanted to be able to identify places on film.

I think your theory is strange, but vaguely plausible. But yeah, if "Jacob" turns out to be Steve Guttenberg, I think Lost and I will be breaking up.

Mike said...

Florinda: That's neat. Did you ever see anybody from the movie?

I think a lot of people would go crazy if Guttenberg showed up. Wilfred Brimley on the other hand... :)

VeRonda said...

I think I've watched a half episode of Lost, so I'm a bit with DC (and Mike, I think... LOL!). But, I just didn't want you to smash your television!!

Mike said...

VeRonda: My TV appreciates your support. :)