Monday, October 13, 2008

Weekend Assignment #237 : How can I blow $10K?

Karen wants us to spend some money for this weekend's assignment. You know, to stimulate the economy.

Weekend Assignment #237: A long-lost relative dies and leaves you $10,000. But there's a catch: the will states that it cannot be saved, invested, given to charity or used to pay bills. You've got a week (sorry, let's make it two weeks) to spend it all. (Anything left over will be used to buy tiny wheelchairs for injured pigeons.) What will you do with the dough?

This reminds me of the plot to Brewster's Millions, except for the pigeon part. Remember that movie? No? That's okay, it wasn't a huge hit or anything.

I'm not going to go into specific brands or anything, but most of the things I'd buy would be electronic gadgets. Or toys, if you like. First, I'd buy a laptop. I may have mentioned that before. I don't know what kind exactly, but with 10 grand to spend I can buy whatever I want.

Then, I'd buy a new camera. Did I tell you ours broke? I had the camera, which was starting to chow its age anyway, on the counter top as I was putting dishes away. I had one of the kids cups in my hand and i banged it on the bottom shelf as I was trying to put it away. I lost my grip on the cup, it did a triple lindy, and landed right on the LCD screen on the back. At first I thought it wouldn't be a big deal, then I realized I have no idea if the flash is on, or no way to know what pictures are being deleted. I guess you can say I'd be buying one anyway, but I'd buy a much nicer one with $10,000 to spend. Maybe two!

With the money left over I'd buy a nice surround sound system. I've been wanting to do this since we moved in but there have always been other things I need to buy; like food and clothes. I would go all out too. New comfy seats with cup holders and a little mini-fridge built in. Oh, and the seats would have the rumble feature so I can really feel the loud explosions.

And, because I'm a nice guy, I'd get some jewelry for my wife. I figure after all of the above I'd have about $200 left. I'm sure I could find something nice for that amount.

      Extra Credit: Excluding food and necessities, what is the most recent thing you've bought for yourself?

The only thing I can think of is the Airport Express I bought to hook iTunes to the stereo downstairs. I'm glad I got it. My CD player is not so happy.

What would you blow $10,000 on?


dc said...

First, I'd have to scream at what stupid relatives I have to not allow me to use the money to pay bills. Then I guess if it was just to spend for fun then I'd probably go on a vacation somewhere, maybe Greece.

As to what I've bought recently. Hhhhmmm, I bought a small body splash a few days agon for $2. I'm such a big spender! :P

Mike said...

DC: You're out of control! :)

A vacation is a good idea. I'd probably go to Hawaii for a month or so.

Florinda said...

Electronic gadgets. That is such a GUY answer :-). But seriously, you could get some high-quality stuff for $10K. One of my commenters said she could spend the whole thing in about an hour at the Apple Store.

Tall Paul said...

Hmmmm, new laptop? New MacBooks being announced tomorrow...if only the money were real. It's nice that you thought of spending it on someone someone else, and not just yourself - but, that is a GUY thing, isn't it? ;-)

Mike said...

Florinda: I didn't think of the Apple store. I could blow it all in there too. I still want the surround sound thing though.

Tall Paul: I saw that about the MacBooks. I was planning on following the live blogging on Gizomdo. It's nice to dream. :)

Karen Funk Blocher said...

Hey, I remember Brewster's Millions! Good choices here.

Mike said...

Karen: You do? Good, I'm glad I'm not the only one. It's not a bad movie, just not popular.

Kiva said...

Wow. Deja vu. I asked my husband what he'd want and it was electronic toys, too. Only he wanted a HD TV, surround sound, beer tap, recliner, and popcorn maker. Is this part of the gender gap???