Thursday, October 2, 2008

Weekend Assignment # 235: Button Up

From Karen at Outpost Mavarin:

Weekend Assignment #235: Design a button (a badge, a pin...). It can say anything you like as long as it's clean and not defamatory. Or maybe you prefer a photo button. You can just describe it if you like, or tell us what it says - or you can actually create the complete design. I am hoping to actually make your button and mail it to you, so do play along, okay?

I've been thinking about Karen's Weekend Assignment since I read it on Friday. When I first read it I thought we definitely had to design a button. I've talked about my lack of skill in the design department before so I won't rehash it now, but I was glad to see that I mis-read the post. I can just come up with an idea, or slogan, or something along those lines. Great! That makes it so much easier for a hack like me. But, since I wasted so much time thinking about how I was going to design the thing, I didn't leave much time for a good slogan, or cause, or much of anything.

I was trying to think about it today when the kids were at school unfortunately they had a half-day. That didn't leave me much time. Here are a few things I came up with on the fly. They are bad, trust me. (who could forget the great poems I came up with.)

I was kind of stuck in the political mode, for obvious reasons, so they are kind of along that line. None of these could actually be used though; you will see why.

For some reason I wanted to do something with Rocky. Yeah, Balboa. From the movie. For some reason I remembered some peope calling him Rocko in the movie, then I thought of something like Rocko for Barack-o. You know, with a picture of Rocky at the top of the stairs with his arms over his head. Hey, I told you they were bad! Wait. Don't go! There's more. Not better, just more.

Then, I couldn't get Sylverster Stallone out of my head. You know what popped up next. Rambo. See, look at that name. It is almost an anagram for Obama: or vice versa. Yes, I know I'm reaching, but this is how my brain works. So I had something like "You can't spell Rambo with out Obama". See. I told you nobody could actually use these. That is not something you want to associate a presidency with and I don't think of Obama that way at all. It just popped in my head. I'm sorry.

The last one has nothing to do with politcs. (You're wlecome!) We have this picture in our kitchen of our first dog, Cosmo. He is sitting on the couch, like he often did, but he is sitting on his butt with his hind legs in front of him and one front leg on the armrest. He looks like he is trying to imitate the way a person sits on the couch. It cracks me up everytime I see it. I'd put it here, but it is from an old, non-digital camera and we don't have a scanner. Anyway, I was thinking of that and something along the lines of, "Couches, they're not just for people anymore."

Extra Credit: Have you ever designed a button or other apparel before now?

The only time I designed a button was for grade school. I was running for class treasurer. My slogan then: "I Like Mike". How original! Hey, I won. I'm not sure anyone was running against me though. With a slogan like that, they'd be foolish to do so!


Florinda said...

The Rambo/Obama thing? Yeah, not so much. Nice try, though :-).

The Cosmo one is pretty good. I know my dog Gypsy would agree. When she's feeling nice about it, SHE lets US use the couch.

Karen Funk Blocher said...

Mike, if you want to trust Cosmo's picture to the mail, I will scan it and return it with your button, slogan and all!

dc said...

I have a few pics of the dog that would be funny to use for something like that too. But, I'm also not so good with designing anything. lol

Mike said...

Florinda: I probably should have stuck with the dog one only. I like to share my whole "process" though. :)

Karen: I have an idea on what I can do. If it works I'll let you know. I don't really want to trust the mail since that is the only copy.

DC: I hear ya. I think I could okay if I had the time to practice. Someday I will.