Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It's Wednesday, but it feels like Tuesday. Excuse me if I lose focus...

I didn't do this week's Ten on Tuesday yesterday, or any post yesterday for that matter. I was tired all day and I just wasn't in the right mindset to post anything. I don't know why. So, I'm going to kind of do it today; along with some random thoughts that may pop into my head.

The Ten on Tuesday topic was bands that make you think of high school. A good topic in my opinion since I really like music and certain bands, and songs, do bring back memories. I think it is that way for a lot of people. Who doesn't hear Don't You Forget About Me and think about The Breakfast Club. And now you can't hear any Who song and not think of CSI:Whatever. (I especially think of Horatio's corny one liners when I here The Who.)

Anyway, one band that always reminds me of high school is Night Ranger. Their song Sister Christian was HUGE when I was a freshman, but I liked them for their other songs. Actually, (You Can Still) Rock in America, is on my iPod Shuffle that I use when I go running. It pumps me up. Around this same time I bought an electric guitar. It was a red Kramer and looked a lot like the guitar Brad Gillis uses (though his is a classic Fender). I had an issue of Guitar Player that included their song When You Close Your Eyes (another kind of wimpy song) and I tried learning the song. I didn't get very far. I wasn't very good. I didn't have the innate skill to play the guitar and I couldn't afford lessons since I blew all the money on the guitar. I ended up selling it to one of my brother's friends. I think I broke even.

Another band is .38 Special. I actually saw Night Ranger open for .38 Special during this time. It was a good show. I don't listen to them much anymore, but I will stop on radio station if one of their songs is playing. I never understood why they had two drummers though. It wasn't like they played different parts or anything.

Kansas brings lots of memories too. They had been around a while before then, but a friend of mine brought their Audio-Visions album to school one day in 8th grade and I was hooked. That was my first concert I ever went to. My brother took me since he owed me money (this was a regular occurrence, the money part I mean).  It was a double bill show with Heart which was kind of a cool combination I think. I was disappointed since Steve Walsh had left the band at this point, but It was a decent show, from what I can remember. One thing I remember clearly is the older guy next to me offering me a hit off his bowl. I didn't take it, actually I don't think I knew what it was at the time. I just refused it because the guy seemed creepy, but I did use his binoculars. You need priorities!

One band I wanted to see when I was in high school was Styx. (Hey, they just came up on my iPod!) Unfortunately they broke up when I was in 8th grade, I think. I listened to them all the time growing up; I even had a pin for my jean jacket. I think I still have that somewhere. You know what though? I got my wish about 15 years after high school was over. Styx got together again and toured the country and Kansas opened for them. That is still one of my favorite shows I've seen. (The last Rush one is my favorite in case you care). I'm just sorry they couldn't stay together. Sure, Styx is still out there, but without Dennis DeYoung they are not a complete band in my opinion.

I'll throw out Iron Maiden for my last band. I was just getting into some heavier music when I got into high school (thanks to some of my friends) and Iron Maiden was probably one of the first. I think part of that is because my brother had two of their albums that I could easily steal out of his room to listen to. I can't remember if it was my junior or senior year, but my friends and I went to see them at the old Rosemont Horizon. We had a lot of fun and didn't get in any trouble somehow. Then, 20+ yeas later I got to see them again. It brought back some memories, and made me feel old, all at the same time.

I think I have talked enough. Do any bands make you think of school? Or anything else for that matter?


dc said...

I was a child of the 80's so I love anything from that decade. I think I even saw Depeche Mode in concert like 4 times.

I also like a lot of the bands my dad listened to when I was growing up. I just got used to hearing them all the time. I often confuse people when I put on some Creedence or America. I like Tom Jones too. I'm so strange. lol

Mike said...

DC: Four times? I was never into Depeche Mode. I think my wife liked them though.

Yeah, I could see how people would find you listening to Tom Jones weird. :)

Florinda said...

I'm glad you caught up on this topic :-).

I think I remember that Styx/Kansas tour a few years back. Styx made my Ten on Tuesday list of bands that remind me of high school. I agree that without Dennis De Young, they're not a complete band, but I usually liked Tommy Shaw's songs more.

I could have seen Night Ranger when I went to Grad Night at Disney World in 1982, but I skipped it to spend more time on the rides. I had forgotten about "When You Close Your Eyes" - I liked that one, but I really liked "Sister Christian."

I'm glad my musical interests have expanded since high school, but I still enjoy a lot of the music I listened to then.

Mike said...

Florinda: I agree, I like the songs Tommy Shaw sings on better as well. Except for Queen Spades, that's one of my favorite Styx songs.

Does JackFm by you play Sister Christian with the guitar solo cut out like they do here? It drives me crazy.