Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Air Buddies

We are getting a new Golden Retriever puppy! Here's a picture of the litter.

We are getting one of the males in about 8 weeks. We are hoping for him to be ready to go hove for Easter. I think it would be nice for the Easter Bunny to bring a puppy for the kids.

Now, the problem is, what to name the puppy? First, a little history. I came up with the name for our first dog, his name was Cosmo. Cosmo died in September due to cancer. The poor dog couldn't walk anymore. He was eleven at the time, and was our first "child." My wife wanted to get another dog right away, but I wanted to wait. Winter was coming, the kids are young (6 and 3), and I didn't want to train a puppy in the winter.

I wasn't sure how long I wanted to wait at first. I was willing to wait until the kids were older and could help out. My wife didn't like the idea too much, and to avoid an argument, we decided not to talk about it for a while. See, I never understood the concept of getting a dog right after one died. I didn't think it would help us feel better about Cosmo.

Anyway, we started talking about it again around Christmas time, probably after some beer on my part, and decided we should look into breeders so we can get one close to my daughter's birthday. So, here we are, the puppies were born two days after my son's birthday and will be coming home soon. Now we need a name.

When our kids were born, it took us until about a week, or less, before they were born to agree on names. For our son, we went in with two and picked one after he was born. I don't know why we have such trouble, but we do. Here are the names so far: Kramer (in honor of Cosmo, my pick) and Payton, in reference to Walter Payton of the Chicago Bears. My wife came up with Payton when we were talking about running the Walter Payton run. So, anyone who comes here, which one do you like better? Leave a comment.

On a side note, I am watching MTV from 1983 that Wil Wheaton put up on his web site. It's funny, the commercials are so awful. Oh my God. A Michael Bolton video just came on. He has a full head of hair and is rockin' out!


suzmeraz said...

PAYTON! You can't go wrong with Payton...we named our cat Sweetness after him. You can't do Kramer because of the baggage now associated with it after what the actor did on stage recently! :-)

Lauren said...

Payton is the winner!

Bagpipingjohnny said...

Why not combine the two names into one and you can both enjoy part of his name. I vote for Paymer.

Cheryl & Kevin Eberle said...

Your puppy looks like a Payton!

bluegame said...

PAYTON! strength power and the will to win!!!