Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Cinematic Titanic and The Oscars

I just finished watching Cinematic Titanic's "The Oozing Skull" and I really liked it. I missed seeing Crow and Tom Servo, but since the voices were essentially the same, I got use to it quickly. The original movie was awful, as usual, but these people always bring out the best. They always seem to think of the same things to comment on that I would. That is probably why I like it, and a lot of people in my family don't.

When I used to watch MST3k at home my family thought I was goofy. At that point I was just out of college, so maybe they just thought I was drunk and that I would give up on it when I was sober. I guess if you didn't know what the show was about, and you walked into the room to see some old, bad movie with a guy and two robots in silhouette talking, it would seem odd. I always did like things very different than my family, I guess I read too much science fiction growing up. A lot of the jokes in MST3K would go over your head if you didn't read and watch a lot of that stuff, and you'd probably never give it a chance if you weren't into that genre as well.

Anyway, go out, get "The Oozing Skull". Open your mind and enjoy it.

So, the Oscar nominations came out. I haven't seen many, if any, of the nominated pictures, at least not yet. We are mostly a rental type family with two small children. However, I was shocked to see a movie about Queen Elizabeth was nominated! I think Cate Blanchett and the costume designer were nominated. Now, I have nothing against Cate Blanchett, or the designer, but why is every movie about Queen Elizabeth, I or II, always nominated? Are they all really that good? It's like a guaranteed nomination for the Oscars or Golden Globes. They have to run out of material eventually, right? Coming soon Queen Elizabeth: The College Years, watch her party with her co-ed friends, starring Lindsey Lohan. That just might work for Lindsey.

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