Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Nice Spatula

I finally got around to buy a silicone baking implement. Nothing fancy, just a spatula-spoon crossover to replace the wooden spoons that I keep setting on fire. You'd think that I would have learned by now to keep them away from the open flame of the stove top, but I haven't. Anyway, the silicone "spoontula" works great. There is no chance of scratching the pots, and so far, no fires.

As I was cleaning it today, I was thinking about when the silicone cooking product line came into full swing. Am I wrong, or did it coincide with the ban on silicone breast implants? Or at least close?
Someone working at the silicone plant probably used his wife's old implant as a hot pad, and boom, every household now has silicone cookware of some sort. I probably don't want to know that the guy who designed the silicone muffin pan was thinking about.

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