Friday, January 4, 2008

My feet hurt

Apparently your feet are way more important than I thought. At least according to the fine people at Kinoki. It seems that all the heavy metals, metabolic waste, and parasites in my body are accumulating there. Silly me, I've just been cleaning my feet with soap; what I really need is Kinoki Detox Pads. That's the only way to get all that stuff out of my body.

So, if these toxins are hanging out in my hands, the pad attracts them, has them course through my whole body and get to my feet, sounds like a good idea. I guess this is good news, with these awesome pads we don't need the organs in our body that do this exact same thing. Eventually they will be useless, like the appendix, and therefore less to care for. Soon all we'll need is a heart and lungs. Isn't science awesome?

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