Saturday, January 26, 2008

Weekend Assignment #200: When Are You Going?

Karen posted another good weekend assignment.

Weekend Assignment #200: You've recently become friends with someone who unexpectedly reveals that he or she has a time machine, all tested out and ready for adventures. Your friend offers you one round trip to anywhere, anywhen, backwards or forwards in time. What's your destination? Or would you rather just stay home?

I read the assignment yesterday before I went to work but I wanted to think about it a little while. I still like my first thought best. Always go with the gut.

My first trip would be back to see Apollo 11 go to the moon. I'd want to be where I can see it launch and then watch the footage as it happens on TV. I've always been fascinated by astronomy, and I wish I could have seen it live. Actually, I may have, but since I was less than six months old I don't remember. Without a doubt, that is where I'd want to go.

Extra Credit: The first trip is so wildly successful that your friend offers you one more trip, this time in the opposite direction. When are you going this time?

Now I have to go forward. I'd go about 75 years in the future. I would think that would be far enough to see some dramatic changes. There better be flying cars; we were supposed to have those by now! Oh, and a base on the Moon -- and Mars.


Karen Funk Blocher said...

Ah, the flying cars! Yes, please! I saw the Apollo 11 landing on a tv at the summer vacation home we used to rent on Lake Ontario. I was...twelve years old.

Mike said...

After I wrote that I was wondering when the robots to drive the cars are coming as well. I read a lot of Asimov when I was younger.

Unfocused Me said...

Good post - I'm glad to see there's someone optimistic enough to be looking for the flying cars.