Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all (which is probably about 12 people that may see this). Let's have a good year!

Anyone watch the New Year's Eve party with Ryan Seacrest? We watched parts of it, mostly to record Hannah Montana and the Jonas Brothers for the kids. One thing I found interesting; Ryan was talking about the new ball that drops, and said it only takes as much power as 10 toasters. Hmmm. Toasters are horribly inefficient, I thought, so I got up and went to check out our toaster while my wife rolled her eyes. We have a small double slice toaster and it sucks up 830 watts. I'm going to assume that Ryan was comparing to double slicers, being conservative and thinking those would be 1000 watts, I get about 10,000 watts to light that stupid ball. Still seems like a lot of energy. I don't think Al Gore would be proud.

I wonder what Mr. Gore uses for a toaster? Probably a magnifying glass or large mirror to re-direct sunlight.

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