Friday, January 4, 2008

Running on empty

As can be seen from the post below, my iPod is very near death. I was running on the treadmill, and it died out after less than 30 minutes. Not good. I find it extremely boring running on the treadmill, and running without music makes my want to stop and let it throw me through the wall behind me. At least that would liven it up.

So, to battle boredom, I played around with the speed a little bit, mostly to get me to a decent mileage faster, but that grew tedious after only 5 minutes. Luckily, by that time, I was about at where I wanted to be both in time and distance. I have a iPod shuffle that I use outside, but I like the bigger one inside so I have more song options. Looks like it is time to save up some money!

Since my wife and I have a 5K coming up the first weekend in February in Lake Geneva, I need to keep up on the treadmill so I don't collapse. I hope the weather is decent too, I'm not sure if I can run a 5K if it is in the teens. I'm hoping for the 30's at least. I'm not a good cold weather runner, my nose is always stuffy and I end up breathing through my mouth too much. That leads to Frozen Lung Syndrome, as I like to call it. I need to find some kind of mask maybe. As long I don't look like I'm planning to rob somebody when I am wearing it.

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