Saturday, May 10, 2008

A good thing about the new Speed Racer movie

Now that the Speed Racer movie is out it is easy to find Speed Racer merchandise. I found this site the other day at work. It has all kinds of cool Speed Racer gear from the original show, the new movie, and even the new animated show that is on now.

All I really care about is stuff from the original show, though. I loved that show as a kid. I remember I had to be home by four in order to see it on our UHF channel. Yes, I'm talking before we had cable TV. This was back in the mid-70's I think. I watched it all the time. Back then I didn't think that they were slightly weird with all their "oh's" and "ah's," I just liked the Mach 5. What kind of boy wouldn't like a car that is incredibly fast and had saw blades that come out of the front? Sure, the jacks were cool, it could make the car jump, but these saw blades we so sharp they could cut giant trees down while the car traveled over 200 miles per hour!

I think my favorite episode was the one with the Mammoth car. It was a three part-er if I remember correctly, I could check the DVD downstairs, too. The car was, well mammoth, but somehow incredibly fast. And, Speed was in danger, of course. I think the mammoth car was stealing gold, or some precious medal. You would think I'd remember exactly if it was my favorite episode, but I haven't watched in a while. Most of the animation we get to watch now is Pixar related. Not that it is a bad thing, it just leaves less time for my shows.

Wait, can I change my favorite episode? It's The Most Dangerous Race, yeah, they weren't good on the title thing. I loved this one because it is so outrageous, and dangerous of course. The race was actually the Alpine Race, which probably should be the title, and at one point in the race they have to cross an abyss by jumping their cars onto these pillars of rock. Well, Speed doesn't quite make it. He almost does, and with his special snow tires and 5000 horsepower (!) you think he is going to make it, but alas, he slides down into the abyss. And, that is the end of the episode. You had to wait until the next day to find out if her survived!

So, you race home to see if Speed is alive. He is, but he is not in good shape. For some reason he can't see. I'm not sure what caused the blindness, maybe it is hysterical blindness, either way he is stuck. Until Racer X (whoisreallyhislonglostbrotherRexRacerwhocrashedhisdad'scargotpissedooffandleft) finds Speed and since Racer X can't use his legs (he's lying) and Speed can't see, the devise a brilliant plan. Speed will drive the race car while Racer X tells him where to go. It's pretty awesome to see Speed driving 250mph and Racer X telling him to turn 45 degrees to the left around the hairpin turn on the cliff that drops off 5,000 feet. I can't remember if they win. They probably do.

Anyway, I may sound like I'm making fun, and I am a little, but I still love the show. It may seem cheesy now, but it will always remind me of good times in my childhood. So, what should I buy in the store?

Oh, I should probably say I'm not sure if I am going to see the movie. It looks like it might make me nauseous. I might rent it though. If you see it let me know what it is like.

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