Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thoughts on a Thursday

I know you were all disappointed about me not posting a 'Random Wednesday' post yesterday, so I'm going to make up for it today. You're welcome. Besides, I had a few things that I wanted to write here and I knew I'd forget them by next week.

I was driving down the street recently and noticed a hubcap was resting on the telephone pole. It was placed there with some care. Who does that? I know that hubcaps are a little more rare on cars theses days so you don't see this as often, but I always wondered who put the hubcaps there. Could it be the street sweeper driver? I doubt it. That thing only goes 5 miles an hour; if the driver ever wants to finish and get home he can't stop and pick up everything. What about the people doing community service work? I guess that is possible, though I'm thinking these guys are hungover and just want to go home. They would probably just throw it away. So I'm stumped. If you ever saw anyone do that let me know.  I also wonder if people have ever driven by one of these hubcaps and realized it was theirs and grabbed it?

Speaking of cars, why do car dealers have the worst commercials ever? I'm not talking the manufacturers that are on national TV, I'm talking about the local car dealers. They have the worst jingles, they look scared or stupid when they talk, or they drag their family out to wave at the camera while the voiceover is talking. Maybe it is only the Chicago area, but I doubt it. I realize their budgets are small, that is why the commercials are only on cable channels, but they could be better I think.

I found a new exercise to do; I chase my dog. See, he no longer likes to retrieve a toy and bring it back. Why should he? He's only a Golden Retriever. Anyway, he has this new thing where I throw a ball and he watches it land, then looks at me. He waits for me to go after it so he can beat me there then taunt me. Sometimes he'll just run from from me, sometimes he'll run a short distance then lay down with the ball beside him. If I come after him he grabs it and runs away. I feel like Rocky in the second movie when he is chasing the rooster around. (That was Rocky II, right?) I'm going to catch him one day. When I do am going to throw my hands in the are and sing "Gonna Fly Now."

Do you see that little button to the right about the Book Binge? Yeah, I probably shouldn't have signed up for it this month. We are at the 22nd and I'll probably only have two books read unless something dramatic happens. Two books does not a binge make. At least in my opinion.

That's all for now.


DC said...

We have a local car dealer here, Cal Worthington, who's been doing commercials for about 20-25 years. He is always in some cowboy getup and would have monkeys, lions, bears, etc. on his commercial. They were some of the dumbest commercials, but to this day I can still sing the jingle! But I would never buy a car from him.

Mike said...

dc: That's the funny part. We had some out here that were bad in different ways, but I never forgot them. Or bought from them. I guess their strategy worked to a degree.

Florinda said...

Local car dealers have cheesy commercials wherever you go, from what I've seen. I live within the country's second-largest media market, so you'd think there would be better production standards...but no.

I'm surprised Quincy's giving you such a hard time about the retrieving, but it sounds like he's training you pretty well :-).

I'm not doing so hot with Book Binge myself; I think I'm only on my third book of the month. I'm hoping to have some reading time this weekend.

Mike said...

Florinda: It's good to know we are not the only ones suffering through bad car commercials.

Thanks for making me feel better about the books. If you only have two done I'm doing okay. :)