Thursday, May 15, 2008

Fun on Google

I didn't know what to post about tonight, so I was playing around and went to Google Trends to see what the kids are looking up.

Number three on the list is 2007. So a lot of people are looking up last year? It ended less than six months ago, what could everybody forget all ready? Number 16 is the 2007 Cricket World Cup. Maybe a lot of people were too lazy to type all that in and figured Google would know what they were really looking for. Or, maybe they were too drunk to type in anything more than numbers. Tough call.

Tanya Harding is number twenty-one. Way to bring yourself back into the news! It seems she has a book out, but I don't care enough to put the effort into clicking on the link. If you really want to know you can google it. You may just bring her up to the top twenty!

Twenty-five is 'zxbfwwr'. More drunk people. I didn't think you could type gibberish when you were drunk. I think I have been proven wrong.

Anna Nicole Smith just jumped from number 26 to number ten in the time I've been writing. Her mom is suing TMZ and Howard K Stern for tarnishing her image. Let that sink in for a minute. I don't think I need to say anything else, do I?

For some reason James Van Praagh is number 15. I guess he's making the rounds on TV trying to make people believe he is talking to dead people. I'm not a big fan. Can you tell?

That's about a ll the fun stuff in Google today. I might try to fit this in as a regular feature. Wouldn't that be exciting?


Florinda said...

I think you should make this a recurring feature - despite the frightening nature of some of this information. Could be that we really are doomed after all.

Mike said...

I've been thinking about what to do on certain days. Maybe I will make at least semi-regular.

That's an interesting site you linked to, I will probably book mark it.