Thursday, May 8, 2008

It wasn't on purpose

Last night my wife was working late, so as the kids were enjoying their dino-shaped chicken nuggets, I went in search for something for me to eat. When I opened the freezer outside, I was surprised to find more frozen dinners in there. I knew there wasn't much the night before, but I remembered my wife stopped at the store after going out to dinner with a friend the previous night. There were two things I was deciding between; a frozen steak and mushroom panini, and a flatbread chicken sandwich. I decided on the flatbread sandwich. I don't know why.

Now, skip to my wife coming home. She is starving and goes out to the freezer. As I see her searching the freezer it hits me; that sandwich was for her. As she comes back in she is saying how she knows she bought a flatbread sandwich. I just burst out laughing. I don't know why. It wasn't funny. It was just that as soon as I saw her searching I knew I screwed up.  She wasn't mad, I think me laughing helped, but I felt bad about it. Now I really have to get her something nice for Mother's Day. At least she was nice enough to post about something she wants.


Florinda said...

Glad you weren't in trouble for eating your wife's dinner - and that she's made it so easy for you to get her a great Mother's Day gift. (Women usually are pretty helpful about things like that.)

Mike said...

Florinda: She is pretty good at it. She is better at getting me things I like without me asking; and letting me eat her food. :)