Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Random Wednesday

We had a big, free lunch at work today. If I fall asleep while type, you'll know why.

I have a new favorite product. It's probably not all that new, but it is to me. That's all that matters. It's called the Ped Egg. Go check it out. I'll wait. I saw it in the checkout lane in the store a few days ago. I guess they figure that is an impulse item. "Hey, my feet are really calloused. I could use this!" I don't think you can get a good view of it on the computer, but what do you think of when you see it. Yep, cheese grater. Right? Why buy one of these when you all ready have a cheese grate in your cabinet? I'm sure you don't use it all that often. Go ahead. It's OK, I won't tell. Just don't invite me over for dinner.

In my opinion, the white crayon is the most useless one in the box. How often do you use colored paper so you can actually see the white crayon? I think they should just take it out and add another shade of red. There aren't enough of those. Besides, I'm tired of explaining to my daughter that the crayon works, she just can't see it. That's like magic to a 4 year-old.

It's coming up on summer camp season. I went to a basketball camp one year in junior high. I hated it. I went because my brother went, the problem was he was good at basketball and me? I kind of sucked. I learned to live with it though, I rode the bench in junior high and had as much fun as possible. But, back to camp. The food, as well as most of the people, stunk, the counselors were jerks, and I knew it was a mistake the minute I got there. There was going to be a group of us that went, I remember talking to them and they said they were going to go. Nobody went except one. That was better than nothing, but not by much.  I blocked most of it out of my memory, but I do remember my brother being mad because my friend and I made him leave early on the last day.  To this day the word "fundamentals"  still makes me sick to my stomach. Good thing that's not a word you hear every day.

Happy Wednesday!

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