Monday, May 26, 2008

Where did the weekend go?

This weekend went by fast! I was off on Saturday, but I spent a good portion of that day nursing a bad headache. Probably one of the worst I've had. The worst headache was  hangover related from my bachelor party. The funny part is I was supposed to drive Jenn back home the next day so she could to work on Monday. I couldn't do it. I was pretty much glued to the floor at my mom's house. I ended up there because I slept at my friends house next door, and my mom's house was the farthest I could go. So Jenn, being the trooper that she is, walked across the street (she was staying at our townhouse) to Kohl's and bought an outfit for work the following day. She was working in the city at the time, so I just dropped her off at the train station.

Anyway, back to this headache, Jenn ran out to Walgreen's to pick up a few things and she thought of me and bought me a Dr. Pepper, in case the headache was caffeine related, and some M&M's. She knows how to take care of me. I really wasn't back to normal until bedtime. Normal for me at least...

Yesterday I had to work. I was supposed to cut the grass after I got home, and my wife was going to run. We did neither. I said to my wife, "I feel like some potato salad." She did too, so we ended up having brats, hot dogs, potato salad, cole slaw, and cheddar mac salad. Then, after the kids went to bed, we had some Ben & Jerry's ice cream. We know how to live it up on the holidays. Oh, and Jenn said that after yesterday we are going to start eating better. Good thing I didn't finish off all my ice cream.

Today I am working as well. I don't like working on holidays, but as I mentioned before, it is nice not having the people in charge running around. The traffic is a lot better, too. I don't have much to worry about on a normal day, but it's like driving through a ghost town on a holiday morning. It's been busier at work than I would like. I wanted to finish a book that I have, but I'm too busy. Well, I guess I could skip writing here, but I can't go three days without posting. Blogger will start sending me nasty notes or something.

I have to get ready to leave now. I'm sure this was an exciting post to read.


DC said...

I hate headaches! You're right, where did the weekend go? I had yesterday off, but it doesn't feel like I had that extra day! And I have no doubt that this week will still feel long. (sigh)

Mike said...

dc: You know, it seems like when you have a long weekend the remaining week seems longer than normal. Probably because we realize how much better it is to do something besides work.