Monday, May 19, 2008

We are all different. Aren't we?

I played golf this weekend with my father-in-law; it wasn't pretty, but it was my first time out for the year. Since there was only two of us, we were paired up with two other guys. They were nice guys, played about as well as us, but one guy reminded me of a guy I work with. They didn't look the same, the golfer was taller, but their mannerisms and voice were nearly identical. If I couldn't see the guy I was golfing with, and just heard his voice, I would think I was talking to my co-worker.

At work now, there is a guy that reminds me of a guy I worked with at my previous job, and he reminded me of someone I worked with at my first job out of college. These guys were more similar looking, but again, same mannerisms and very similar voice.

This happens all the time. Now the question is, are there that many people that are similar, or is it me categorizing these people as being the same? We've all done this, when you move from a new job you start associating your new co-workers with your old ones. I'm not the only one, right? Maybe we do it just to make us comfortable in new situations. Or, maybe I'm crazy. That is always possible.

On a lighter note, my dog keeps eating used kleenex out of the garbage. It is truly disgusting.


Florinda said...

You don't even want to know the stuff my dog will eat out of the garbage. My husband has suggested we just skip the bowl and put her food directly in there.

Leaving aside the question of whether anyone is crazy, I've had similar experiences, sometimes with coworkers, sometimes with random people I see or hear in public places - but the people I'm reminded of/mistaking them for are people I knew when I lived somewhere else, halfway across the country. And I don't think they're following me :-). I think you may be right - it's some sort of mind trick to make an unfamiliar situation seem less so.

Mike said...

Florinda: That whole "people following me" thing is never going away, is it? Thanks for going along with me this time. :)