Thursday, May 29, 2008

Strange ride home.

I had a very interesting ride as I was getting the kids from school. I picked up my son first and went to the store to buy him a new shirt for Hawaiian shirt day. While waiting at a stop light two people walked in front of the car as the crossed the street heading towards a hotel. At first I thought one of the was a 'lady of the evening'. She had a tight dress on, and some very out of control, yet in control, hair. As she got closer to the car I changed my mind. She was not a lady of the evening. She was not a lady. The hotel they were heading to is a good hotel so my hope was that he/she is in some show. I really hope so. Really.

As we were driving back to the house I noticed a convertible Camaro up ahead that had some things sticking out of the back seat. I realized they were bags of mulch. They were packed so high that if the guy took off too fast the car behind would have a free bag of mulch on their hood. When I got closer to the car I noticed there were bags in the front passenger seat, too. These bags were also stacked way too high. Basically this guy was encased in a cocoon of mulch bags. His field of vision was limited to the car in front of him and anything on his left side. At the same time, he was probably well protected in the even of a crash. Though he might have a few slivers afterward. I was surprised when I saw a police car drove right passed him; I thought he might tell him to move things around or something.

Now I ask you this, if this is the car you have with you do you buy 25 bags of mulch, or do you make a few trips? Or, you can be like me and do neither and your yard looks like crap.


Florinda said...

Your ride home sounds like mine does every other day; but I have the excuse of driving through Hollywood.

DC said...

I would go with letting the yard look like crap. Actually, just some water and the occasional mow is all it really needs.

Mike said...

Florinda: Yeah, we stayed in Hollywod once, your ride home should win hands down. Plus, you get to see stormtroopers, superheroes, etc. :)

dc: The grass isn't too bad, it's the shrubs and other plant life that is pretty ugly.

DC said...

Yeah, my grass is okay, but the shrubs are a pain. I'm not much of a gardener. I mow my own lawn (because it's small) but I don't like trimming and primping plants.

Mike said...

dc: I hear ya. We are consideringgetting a lawn service tocut the grass so we have more time to do the other stuff. Besides, my allergies don't like me cutting the grass.