Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ellipsis Monday Photo Shoot #75: Houses of worship

For this week's assignment I need to dig in to the archives for the most part. It's been a very cold week, highs in the teens(!), so I didn't get out much. But, Carly wanted some pictures of houses of worship. Let's see what I have.

First, a new one. Now technically you can't worship in this church, but you can in the real one.

We went to Legoland yesterday so I took this. It's supposed to be Holy Name Cathedral I believe. Sorry for the weird blue color, that was the lighting in there. It was supposed to be night, I guess. This made it difficult to get a good shot.

Here is one from the church at the kid's school. This is actually the old church that is used for special occasions. They built a new one not long ago on another part of the property. I originally took this for the way the ice melting made the roof look.

Here is a shot of the cross on top. From a different day, of course.

This last one is from the inside of the church my niece was married in this fall. It was very nice inside, but this was the only shot that kind of turned out. It was dark and I didn't have a tripod.

That's all I have. Make sure to check out the others by going to Carly's site.


Carly said...

Hi Mike :)

Goodness, with the first one you took my breath away... lol... then I read the entry! EXCELLENT! I LOVED that you photographed the Legoland Church! I love it when you guys get really creative and step outside the box. WELL DONE THAT! I also enjoyed seeing the second chruch very much. There is a church in Virginia City, Nevada that looks quite similar to that one. I displayed a different one from the same town, but your photo makes me want to go back up there and do a little more photography. Neat photographs this week!


Unknown said...

Some great shots, Mike. The blue in the first shot is probably the result of not having the white balance set right, the same problem I had with my shoot entry and my other show pics. In my case, the white snow came out looking too gray.

Unknown said...

Sorry, that should be "my other SNOW pics."

Liz said...

The fourth photograph of the interior of the church was the one that held my attention.
Well balanced with the focus on the subject perfectly lit, you did not need a tripod this time to produce a great picture that speaks for itself.

Suzanne R said...

A Legoland church -- I am amazed! You got a great picture of it and the other churches you photographed. Nice job!