Thursday, January 21, 2010

Look who turned 2!

It's Quincy's birthday today. Doesn't he look thrilled?

I think he's tired from all the activity. We took him to Chuck E Cheese's to play in the ball pit and be scared of the animatronic band. Sure, he's a dog, but he's worth it. Who cares if they called the police on us?

Actually, all we did was buy a bunch of toys and bones for the dogs. It seems unfair to buy stuff for Cruise, but how do you explain to a dog that he doesn't get anything because it's the other dog's birthday?

Right now Quincy is in one room chewing a bone while Cruise is in another room doing the same. I'm sure they'll be fighting over one bone soon enough. What they really like to do is wait for the other to stop chewing to get some water then steal the other's bone. They are like little kids.

Anyway, it's Quincy's day, so here are some pictures you may, or may not, have seen.

Happy Birthday Quincy!


Florinda said...

Happy birthday, Quincy! He's grown up very nicely :-).

Cookie said...


He's so big!

Happy Birthday, Quincy!

Dreamybee said...

What! No cake for Quincy? I guess the toys and bones probably made up for it! He's so cute!

kidmealem said...

You have a beautiful dog!! And from the pics, it looks like it absolutely loves the attention :)

Mike said...

Thanks everyone. He's certainly a big boy now. Though, he doesn't always act that way.