Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I suck at hanging pictures

I suck at hanging pictures
Originally uploaded by Mike F.
See. Look at this! This is way I don't do things around the house. I suck at it. Jenn wonders why I put off hanging things, this is why. I know they are going to turn out looking like crap. A word of advice, never look behind anything I have hung, there are bound to be plenty of holes that were incorrectly measured the first (three) time(s).

The fun part is going to be when the family comes over for our son's birthday. These are new pictures we bought of the kids, so they are going to be looked at closely, and I know there are going to be several comments on how they are not level. Everyone knows I suck at this stuff. This is why I always have my dad and brother help me out. I'm pretty useless around the house.

Now, if you need your stereo or computer set up, I'm your man!


Cookie said...

I've seen worse jobs. I'm short, so things tend to be hung too low.

Maybe someone will get you a level for Father's Day. ;^)

Dreamybee said...

You could just embrace it and exaggerate the crooked. Then, if anybody says anything, you can say you were being "artistic."

Mike said...

Cookie: See, that's my point, I did use a level! I'm helpless.

Dreamybee: That's totally my plan. :)

Florinda said...

I was going to suggest a level. Maybe a class in how to use it :-)? Seriously, I suck at hanging things myself, so I know how it is. Lucky for me my husband is good at it!

And somehow I'm not at all surprised you're more proficient at setting up stereos and computers :-).