Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ellipsis Monday Photo Shoot #86: Stairs

Wow, it's been a while since I've been able to participate in Carly's photo assignments, its good to be back.

This week Carly wanted some pictures of stairs. I didn't get to find any cool or ornate stairs, but I got something at least.

These were on the side of a bar. It's not too special, but there were some barrels on the wall that were neat. You can find them here.

Originally I wanted to get a picture of the sign, then I realized how many stairs there were. Unfortunately, it didn't turn out as well as I would have liked, but it's better than nothing.

Finally, there are these stairs. I liked the vines growing on the side of the wall as well.

That's all for this week. Go to Carly's to check out the other photos.


Carly said...

Hi Mike :)

Glad you could join us! :) I like the stairs you chose for this week's assignment very much! Especially the second one. It reminds me of a scene Edward Hopper would paint! Neat! Good to see you hon, thanks for your contribution this week!


Suzanne R said...

All of the stairs are cool! I especially like the one with the ivy growing on the wall next to the stairs. Good job!

Tania said...

Thanks for visiting my blog.
I like your stairs.
Wish you a nice evening:-)