Monday, April 5, 2010

En Garde!

Our son decided he wanted to take fencing this spring. I wasn't so sure about it since I figured all he knew about sword play was what he saw in Star Wars, but he really liked it. I didn't get to go watch because I was working, but Jenn sent me some pictures and video to watch. I think we might have a future fencing champ in the making. Do they make a lot of money? Is there some way for me to be his manager so we can all make a lot of money? I wonder if we can tie it in with Gatorade somehow? There slogan is, "Is it in you?" They could put an image of a sword (sorry, foil) going through someone on it. That should work.

I am really happy, though. I guess he was so excited that he yell out to Jenn that he really liked it. That's always good to see. I hate when we sign the kids up for something and they hate it or don't like the teacher, and we have to force them to finish out the sessions. Or we just lose out on the money. Neither way is fun.

I'm kind of looking forward to the class when I can go watch. Do they slap each other with a glove and challenge each other to a duel? Is that fencing I'm thinking out?

Meanwhile...Easter has come and gone, and so has my vow to not eat M&M's. I've done okay so far, but mostly because we don't have many in the house. I can't say I've been so good with the mini Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. What is it about chocolate and chalky peanut butter that makes them so good? If I ate peanut butter like that on its own I'd think it is gross, why is it okay when surrounded by chocolate? Science?

Hope you had a great Easter! (Or weekend if you don't celebrate that particular holiday).


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