Friday, April 23, 2010

"This is the best day ever!"

It was our daughter's sixth birthday on Wednesday. We heard, "It's the best day ever!" quite a bit. Of course I've heard that on Christmas, Easter, one time when we got Chinese for dinner; I'm not sure how much weight that particular exclamation holds.

The fun for her started when we went to her favorite sushi place for dinner. Yes, she like sushi, but it's the really tame stuff. No raw fish and she has Jenn take the avocado out. I think she'd be happy with some crab meat, rice and seaweed plopped onto a plate, to be honest. It would probably be cheaper to eat it like that rather than in sushi form.

The rest of the Best Day Ever, continued with the gift opening. She got a Barbie remote control car, a Nintendo DS and some things for her Zhu Zhu pets. She was really excited about all of them, and said she was so happy to get all of them, but she's mostly played with the Zhu Zhu pet bed and carrying thingy. We could have just given her that stuff and save a lot of money and it still would have be the Best Day Ever. Oh, well. I can always play with the Nintendo if she doesn't want to. I don't care if it's pink.

I can't believe she's six already. It seems like a lot less than six years ago when we were in the hospital waiting for her to come. She was very stubborn that day, we should have known she was going to be like that always. The girl is good at stalling for anything. She can take ten minutes brushing her teeth. I don't know what she does, but a very tiny bit of that time actually involves toothpaste being smeared on her teeth.

Other than that, she's a great kid. She loves her dolls. She likes to play school and draw pictures for us. And she likes to pose for the camera. A typical little girl, but very special to us.


Carly said...

Hi Mike :)

You made me smile with this post. :) She sounds like a wonderful little person. Oh my, Sushi? Really? Goodness! I think I requested Spaghetti for my 6th birthday, lol! The Zhu Zhu pet accessories sound like fun, I need to get some for mine. Stuffed animals, loved them then, love them now!

Happy Birthday to your daughter, Happy weekend to you! :)

Thanks for the smile.


Florinda said...

I'm not sure many 6-year-olds like sushi. Heck, I live with a 47-year-old that doesn't like it!

Sounds like she really did have the best day far. Hope she has many more :-).

Mike said...

Carly: Thanks! They have full habit-trail like things for the Zhu Zhu's. She wanted that, but we stuck with the small stuff. :)

Florinda: Thanks. It was a good day.

Cookie said...

Isn't your blog pink? :p

I'm glad she had a good birthday. When you're stubborn, they aren't always winners. ;^)