Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Weekend Assignment #314: Summer Reading

Okay, this is the first assignment for the now blog site. (Does that make sense?) This first assignment is brought to us by Carly.

Weekend Assignment #314: Summer Reading

Okay, yes, I know, it's still spring, but this is when I begin thinking about what kind of summer reading I might like to have on hand for those too-hot-to-clean days of summer. So, for this week's assignment, I want you to share with us the kind of summer reading you look forward to the most. Sci-fi? Horror? Political Thrillers? Romance? It's all good. Now, tell me more!

I'm pretty much a Sci-Fi and horror reader. I don't really stray from those two genres very often. A lot of that is out of fear of wasting my time. There is nothing worse, to me, buying a book and hating it from the start. Well, except maybe hating a book halfway through and getting pissed off at the end. That happened to me very recently by an author I normally like. I won't name him because this is a rare occurence. But, if it happens again, watch out!

Anyway, for the summertime, I think I tend to read horror more frequently. I'm not sure why. Maybe it has something to do with equating the winter weather with the coldness that is deep space. Though I doubt that since I just made it up.

The thing is, I haven't heard about anything that I want to read that is coming out soon. I have a book I'm reading now, and something in my Kindle app on my iPhone, but that is it. That's not good.

Extra Credit: Okay writers, get to work! Write me the opening paragraph, just (1) paragraph of a summer read you would like write yourself. Again, any genre works fine, have fun with it!

Corrine ran down the street, ignoring the pain from the knife still jammed into her thigh. With each step pain shot up her leg and twisted in her gut, but she couldn't stop. Not with Him behind her. She could hear him breathing and growling like a wild animal behind her. She wanted to look behind and see how close he was, but that would slow her down and he'd catch her. That couldn't happen. Instead Corrine put her head down and ran as fast as she could, hoping to put some distance between her and the crazy man.

Meh. Anyway, go to the new blog and check out the other entries for the week. They are probably better.


Carly said...

Hi Mike :)

Hon, you've come through for me again! I LOVED your submission for this week's WA, because I could identify with it so well! I think all avid readers hate it when they purchase a book, only to find out it's a dud! Especially if it is by an author we usually enjoy.

Now about the Extra Credit portion of the assignment... MORE PLEASE! I love that it could be from the beginning, the middle, or the very end of a great suspense, or possibly horror story. VERY nicely done! As I said, you have come through for me again! Thank you so much for your continued participation.

-Carly :)

Karen Funk Blocher said...

Good imagery in that opening paragraph, Mike, even if it isn't my sort of genre. Your comment about an ending that ticks you off resonates - I really hated the end of Mostly Harmless, and was really glad the not-Douglas-Adams sequel kind of undid it.

Florinda said...

I didn't get to this assignment, even though it seems to be just my thing, since my reading doesn't really vary much with the seasons.

I may be sending you a book after the Festival of Books this weekend, but it will be WAY different from your usual reading :-). I'll let you know.

Mike said...

Carly: Thanks! I'm having a small problem with the book I'm reading right now actually. :)

thanks for the kind words.

Karen: I don't think I read that one. It's good to know the sequel cleansed your pallate a little.


Florinda: Book? Huh? What? Let me know what I owe you if so. Looking forward to hearing about the book festival.

Stephen said...

I've got to agree about the problem with books by authors you like in which they suddenly start sucking. That was the experience I had when reading The Redemption of Althalus. As a kid in Middle/High School, I'd enjoyed the Belgariad & Mallorean (I'm the opposite of you; a huge fantasy fan, only stray into Sci Fi occassionally.) But as an adult, I found Althalus to be boring, the plot unengaging, and the "motley crew" of good-guys to mostly be a series of cardboard clones of each other, but with different paint on them. I didn't bother finishing, and never regretted it (but luckily, I also didn't buy the book, as it was a gift because I was laid up in the hospital once).

Mike said...

Stephen: Did you read it, or try, in the hospital. I think it would make it that much worse to be laid up and read a book you hate. :)