Thursday, July 24, 2008

Bye! Have Fun! Vroooooom! Screeeeeech!

I dropped my son off at one of his first birthday parties where the parents don't stay. I say one of the first because Jenn dropped him off at one few months ago. It was the first for me though! Anyway I noticed something kid of funny.

Let's say you are having a party for adults. You invite friends, or family, and you tell them to come at 6:30pm. Does everyone show up at 6:30? No. The first people show up around 6:40pm, or so, with people strolling in at least until 7:15pm. That's what you do. Nobody wants to be the first to show up, and some people just like to make an entrance. It's fine, though. Everyone is getting together to have fun.

Now, let's compare this to a kids party. The party started at 11:30am; we got there at about 11:32am and the house was packed. Everyone was there within minutes of the starting time! Why, because they were dropping their kids off and going out to do whatever they can in those 2 hours that they have to themselves. Is it wrong? No, the kids are going to have fun, right? And some things are easier to get done on your own. Actually pretty much everything is easier to get done on your own. Besides, does your son or daughter want to go grocery shopping, clothes shopping, or to the local bar? (What? No, I went to work!)

I know I'm not the first person to notice this, but I find it funny. We'll see what happens when we have our next birthday party.


Anonymous said...

I can understand. Parents getting some time away from the kids...of course they get them there on time. Some probably showed up early. :)

Mike said...

DC: some probably waited on the doorstep to get their kids in there. :)

Unfocused Me said...

This only works well with at-home parties. Our kids have only had at-home parties, and you're absolutely right. When we have to haul them out to Schaumburg or the Glen for a party at Pump It Up or The Little Gym, there's no reason to rush, because unless you happen to live right there, there's no place to go (except, if you're lucky, a nearby Starbucks).

Mike said...

Unfocused: You're right, they do have to be close. But, there are a million things to do in Schaumburg if you ever have to come here. Heck, I'd buy you a coffee at Starbucks. :)