Sunday, July 20, 2008

My dreams

Why are dreams so weird? I know dreaming is a way for the brain to de-stress, but why the weirdness?

Take the other night for example. I had a dream that some people from the public works department came to our house. They had to work on some problem in the sewers and, for some reason, they had to enter the sewer through a hole in the middle of our living room. I didn't know that was there. That explains a lot of weird odors! (I'm kidding, that's the dog).  These guys pull up the carpet and jam a giant house down the hole and start up a giant vacuum thing. Nothing happens at first, but then, SPLUNK!, they got something in the house. It was a giant rat. I don't mean your everyday giant rat. This thing was the size of a bear cub. One of the guys held it by one leg and wondered what to do with it. I'm pretty sure I yelled at them to kill it, I know I would in real life, instead they took it outside our front door and let it go. Right outside my door! Like that thing wasn't going to dig under my house and come up my toilet someday. Luckily I woke up after that. I think I need to look under the carpet in our living room.

I still remember dreams from when I was a kid. Am I the only one? I remember one dream (I believe this was shortly after see Close Encounters of the Third Kind) where I saw a flying saucer out my window and went to go tell my mom. She was in the bathroom getting ready for bed, this used to take a really long time for some reason, so I started to tell her what I saw. For some reason I stopped telling her and thought to myself that I wasn't dreaming anymore and what I saw was a dream.

But that wasn't the weirdest one I remember. In this dream I was riding home from school with my mom. Everything seemed normal, the same songs were playing on the radio that did everyday (really, you could set your watch by the songs on that station),  and it was a typical gloomy winter day. I don't remember my mom saying anything to me on the way home, but that didn't seem strange. We pulled into the garage, I got out and ran around the car to the door to catch Speed Racer on TV, and as I turned the corner into the kitchen I ran into my mom. The mom I just left in the car behind me! I woke up in a cold sweat after that one. Very Twilight Zone-y, wouldn't you say? I never told my mom about the dream. You never know, she might have a robot clone or something.

I don't know why I decided to write about this. I hope I don't sound too strange. Yeah, like I didn't before this post.


Anonymous said...

You know they've made great advances with therapy now. Not that I'm saying you need it, but...

Mike said...

DC: Does Google do it online yet? You know it is only a matter of time.

Florinda said...

Dreams are just interesting. My husband has very strange ones; Godzilla shows up in them pretty often.

Sometimes when I'm having a particularly strange dream, I'm actually aware that I'm dreaming and I'll think "I have to remember this dream." Odd, I'm sure.

I have dreams about being in school a lot. Maybe that means I still have a lot to learn?

Mike said...

Florinda: Godzilla? Very interesting. :) I have dreams about school quite often. Usually I forgot about a test or a paper that is due. That happened a lot in real life too. :)

bluegame said...

Did you ever dream of your sister getting up eating Ice Cream? Then falling asleep on the coach and letting the Ice Cram Melt? Was that just a dream or true?

Mike said...

Lori: No, that certainly wasn't a dream. Did you dream that?