Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Ten on Tuesday: Memorable Vacation Moments

Time for Ten on Tuesday's Memorable Vacation Moments. I hope I have ten. In no particular order:

1. Climbing and exploring in the lava tubes on Maui. It was dark and humid, but it was a lot of fun.

2. Going to my grandparent's cabins in Michigan. We went there many times, I don't recall any bad moments.

3. First, and so far only, cruise on the Caribbean. It rained a lot (don't go in early October) but we still had fun. Though one day I was a little sea-sick. Again, avoid October if you can. It was our honeymoon so we didn't have a choice.

4. Huntington Beach California. We went there for the Easter Seals telethon thing with the company my wife worked for at the time. Some of it was boring, but the hotel was great. I doubt we'll ever get to stay in a Ritz-Carlton hotel again! Oh, and we met Pat Boone!

5. Muir woods outside San Francisco. This time we were out there for my job, but my wife and I spent the day with a friend here. I thought it was really cool. We don't have anything like that in the Chicago area.

6. Seeing Harrison Ford while walking on Rodeo Drive. Kind of geeky, but it was neat too. We bought something at Niketown since that was the only place we could afford. Who needs a $600 dollar belt? Really?!

7. Learning to water ski in Wisconsin. Yesterday I wrote about another memorable moment from the same location, different year.

8. Downtown Chicago. We didn't go far, but it was our anniversary and we were able to get away for a couple of days.

9. Las Vegas. I went with some guys for a bachelor party. We were due to come home on 9/11/01. Enough said.

10. Florida and Sea World. My brother and I were able to see the ocean for the first time. We caught a baby shark. Good thing it's mom didn't find out.


DC said...

I don't think I have ten either, but a few.

New York and being in Times Square. Also visiting the 3 story Toys R Us in Times Square.

Downtown Chicago and the Navy Pier. And of course meeting Mike Ditka!

Nigara Falls because it was absolutely gorgeous!

Washington, DC because I guess I had to check out the White House. But the Lincoln Memorial was much more impressive.

St. Louis because the brewery of course. Mmmmm, free beer!

Mike said...

DC: All good choices. A three story Toys R Us would be cool! And free beer is always good. :)

Jenn said...

I was waiting, waiting, waiting for you to mention the bike ride/getting lost in Hawaii. You know, the trip to celebrate our anniversary when we almost got divorced during one bike ride?

Tuppence said...

I envy your Harrison Ford moment! The Pat Boone moment not so much.

Mike said...

Jenn: I felt it was best to leave that one out. :)

Tuppence: the funny part about the Harrison Ford sighting was that he prentended to be on the phone as soon as he realized we recognized him.

Teena in Toronto said...

I did my one and only cruise in February ... around the Caribbean! It was fabulous!

Thanks for stopping by :)

Florinda said...

I don't think I'll get to take another Caribbean cruise (or cruise, period) - Tall Paul gets motion sickness pretty bad.

You know, I LIVE in LA (sort of) and I've never seen Harrison Ford. I may be a little envious :-).

I like that you included a local vacation moment - it can be fun to be a tourist in your own hometown.

Joyce said...

Sounds like some great times.

I have been to the San Francisco area quite a bit, but other than that, haven't been to the other locations you mention.

Mike said...

Teena: Yes, Feburary would be a much better time of year.

Florinda: Those new giant ships are supposed to be pretty smooth. Don't know if you want to take that chance. :) Seeing Harrison was cool, but I'm sure you'll run into him some day. Tell him I said hi.

Joyce: Most of my trips have been close to home. They are not big vacation spots that people would travel far to see.

pjd said...

I do like Muir Woods, though if you ever come back to this area, try to get up to Eureka for some really spectacular redwoods.

I know someone else who was stuck in Las Vegas on 9/11. They tried to wait it out, then after 48 hours tried to rent a car (none left). I've had lots of bad luck in Vegas, but never THAT bad.

Mike said...

pjd: Okay, I'll look up Eureka next time I come out that way. Thanks for the tip.

I don't know anyone who had good luck in Vegas. Why do we go?

Michelle said...

Great list of memories!!!