Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Ten on Tuesday: Favorite Movie Charaters

OK, can I think of ten favorite movie characters for this week's Ten on Tuesday? Let's find out.

1. Buck Russel -- Uncle Buck, John Candy. Sure he was a doofus, but he cared about the kids and even made his brother's daughter realize she was a pain in the butt. And he was funny!

2. John Winger -- Stripes, Bill Murray. He was a slob and kind of a bum, but he was fun and helped rescue his friends. Sure, it was partly his fault his friends were in trouble; all water under the bridge.

3. Elliott -- ET, Henry Thomas. I was a couple of years older than Elliott, but I really thought it would have been cool to have ET come visit my house. Heck, he could come now and help out our plants.

4. Darth Vader, (Do I really have to say which movie?). Yes, he was the bad guy, but who wouldn't want his control over people. Besides he helped his estranged son out at the end. I knew there was good in him. (sniff)

5. Indiana Jones. I think you know from where, Harrison Ford . I liked that he used a whip and his fists to take out people. Plus, he was smart, and had cool adventures. Too bad archeology isn't that fun in real life.

6. Vincent Gambini & Mona Lisa Vito -- My Cousin Vinny, Joe Pesci and Marisa Tomei. I can watch this movie any time it is on. I'm not sure which character I like best so I put both down.

7. Chet Donnely -- Weird Science, John Paxton. He didn't have a huge part, but every line was perfect. "You're stewed buttwad!" Classic.

8. Clark Griswold -- Vacation, Chevy Chase. Probably Chevy's best role.

9. Irwin Fletcher -- Fletch, Chevy Chase. Yes, I know what I said above. I forgot about this movie. This is his best role. Really!

10. Roy Neary -- Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Richard Dreyfuss. He was going to get to that mountain, and see the aliens, no matter what. Hopefully he eventually came back to find his family.

There you go, I was stretching a bit to get to ten. Who are your favorites?


DC said...

I loved Uncle Buck! John Candy was great! I just re-watched Spaceballs this weekend and loved him as Barf the Mawg! "I'm half man, half dog. I'm my own best friend." :)

I'd really have to think about my favorites, as there are SO many great movie characters out there!

Alicia said...

Awesome list! I'm a huge Chet fan. I can't believe I forgot him. And Clark Griswold, too. Roy Neary did come to mind, but, alas, he didn't make the cut.

Mike said...

DC: I knew I wanted to have John Candy on the list, but I had trouble choosing one. Ah, Barf, he was great.

Alicia: Thanks for coming by. I liked your list too.

Ashley said...

Great list! Can't believe I forgot about Chevy Chase's many wonderful performances! And I love those two in My Cousin Vinny, too.

Tuppence said...

How could I have forgotten Clark Griswold!?!

I think I may have enjoyed the judge the most in My Cousin Vinny. Hard to pick--so much good stuff in that movie.

Mike said...

Ashley: Thanks for coming by. The thing with Chevy Chase is that the movies are older now, it's hard to remember how good they were. I almost forgot about Fletch and I love that movie.

Tuppence: Who could forget Clark? :) Except cousin Eddie. He never seemed to forget.

pjd said...

Man, you dug deep and came up with classics. My Cousin Vinnie, one of the best pairs of characters ever. Vacation--I will never forget the Family Truckster. And Close Encounters--yes, another great character. Good choices.

Deana said...

Gotta LOVE Uncle Buck!!

Joyce said...

Indiana Jones - Yes!

Mike said...

pjd: Yeah, I tend to go with the classics. :)

Deana: Yes, yes you do.

Joyce: He's got to be on everyone's top twenty at least.

Florinda said...

Interesting list. I didn't know you were such a big Chevy Chase fan :-).

I like that you listed Elliott from E.T., and Indiana Jones, of course.

Mike said...

Florinda: Yeah, I like Chevy Chase's older movies. I think the last one I really liked was Funny Farm. That was stretching it a bit. :)

I had to name Elliott. I'm going to sit my son down to watch that movie soon. I hope he doesn't get scared. :)

Carly said...

Tee Hee

Actually, a lot of these characters would probably be on my list as well. I especially enjoyed Clark Griswold and Irwin Fletcher. Both showed the best of Chevy Chase. As for Darth Vader... well... not so much. Don't get me wrong, as a villian he really was the total package, but the character reminds me of Dick Cheney, lol, who needs another reminder of that? LOL. Unless you happen to be a fan of Dick Cheney, if so, please accept my profound apologies ;)