Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ten on Tuesday : 10 Things you didn't like about school

This week's Ten on Tuesday; what I didn't like about school. Just in case the title didn't give it away. Let's see:

1. Riding the bus. I didn't take it often in high school, until senior year. I hated every minute of it. There is nothing good I can say about it.

2. Humanities. I'm being specific about one class in high school. It was torture. The teacher was annoying, the class was boring, and we were supposed to go to cultural events outside school, on our own, to get points. I never did.

3. When I had gym early in the day -- There was never time to properly clean up before getting to your next class. I made sure gym was one of my last classes the last 2 years of high school.

4. Homework. Who didn't?

5. Lockers. They were way too small. We had to share and, during the winter, it was impossible to fit two huge coats and all your books in there.

6. Early Classes. In college I had to walk all the way across campus for an 8AM class. That was especially fun in the winter. My hair was always frozen by the time I got there, then would drip on me for the entire hour.

7. One Day a Week Classes. I had a couple of these, they were 2:40 long. How can you possibly pay attention that long? On classical mythology, no less. What a mistake that was. The class would have been so much better as a 3 days-a-week one hour class.

8.  Cafeteria  Food.  I never got used to it. 

9. Scantron Tests. There is nothing worse than filing in all the ovals, getting to the last question, only to find you missed one somewhere. And you have ten minutes left to figure it out and fix it. Oh, and your eraser is just a little nub. I still have nightmares about it.

10. The ACT (or SAT, if you took that one). Nothing like an ultra-stressful test to take during the summer. Not like it decides your future, or anything.

There you have it. What did you not like about school?


Anonymous said...

You about summed it up! But, since I went to private school, I'll have to add the Penny Loafers (ugh) to that list.

Mike said...

DC: Do you get I'll at the sight of them now? :) I take it you had a uniform. I never had to do that but, being a guy, it probably would have made it easier. I'm not good at matching. :)

Teena in Toronto said...

I'm soooooooooo not a morning person!

I loved school so did 10 things I liked about school. Ha!

I played :)

Anonymous said...

Mike: They were definitely ugly shoes. And yes, I had to wear a uniform. I didn't mind the uniform so much. I went to private school from first grade all the way through high school so, I got used to it. And besides, getting ready in the morning was easy...I always knew what I was going to wear!

Tiffany Morton said...

Great list - I forgot all about scantron tests. I never had nightmares about them though!

Mike said...

Teena: Yeah, I'm still not. It's okay that you liked school. I didn't hate it completely.

DC: Plus, I'm sure it was easy for back-to-school clothes shopping.

Ti'mo: how could you forget that evil? :)

Florinda said...

I totally hated the bus too. Luckily, my experience with it was fairly short. And I disliked gym ANY time of day. Also, cafeteria food - bleh. Enough said about THAT.

I didn't hate homework and tests quite so much, though. What can I tell you - I was one of those nerdy good-grades types :-).

On, and BTW - thanks for leaving comments on Blogenstein! I'll make sure he gets over here to return the favor.

Mike said...

Florinda: I just wanted to be outside, or watch TV, instead if studying. That's why I dropped out of band after 2 months. :)

I was wondering when you going to mention Blogenstein. I just happened to notice it on you sidebar.

Tall Paul said...

What was wrong with the cafeteria food? Tater Tots! Luke warm "cheese" pizza!

Mike said...

Tall Paul: I've always had an aversion to cafeteria food. I don't know why. I did like the tater tots, though. Oh, and the hamburgers in college were good. That's about it. I'm better now. Really!