Sunday, August 3, 2008

Thank God it's Sunday (Friday)

Today is Sunday, but for me it is Friday. It's been a long week and I'm bushed. I don't mind working weekends in some respects, but working 6 days in a row, including the weekend, is kind of a drag. I never go to bed early enough so I'm tired all week. I can usually handle it for five days (barely), but six is too much. Yes, crack out the tiny violins while you read this.

I was almost late today. I don't know how I made it. See, Jenn went for a run early this morning so I had to wait for her to get home before I left. I couldn't trust Quincy to watch the kids while they slept. I don't think he knows how to make breakfast. Anyway, she got back at 6:40am. I start at 7. I cursed every red light on the way in, but glad that it was a Sunday and traffic was almost non-existent. I didn't even speed, really. Well, maybe a little, but really not bad. Now that I think of it, if i had been pulled over by the police I would have a good excuse for being late.

Being late at work is not a huge deal but when I come in I am letting someone go home. I don't want to make people wait; especially when they have been here all night. Also, when you are late there is some unwritten rule that you must bring in donuts. I always thought that was dumb. You are late, so you are supposed to stop, get donuts, be more late, and the people who get to eat the donuts does not include the person who had to wait for you. Do you see the flawed logic there? This is why I haven't been late, and I don't want to be.

The good thing is I am off Monday and Tuesday, work Wednesday, then my vacation starts! I'm not going anywhere, the kids have no summer program for two weeks before school starts, so I am home with them. What am I go to do for two weeks?! I know one thing I want to do; get my son's training wheels off. He's eager to do it but he is a little wobbly still. I think we can get that done in two weeks. Oh, I'm taking him to see Walking with Dinosaurs, too. Wow, that is expensive. He better like it. That's about all I have planned. Oh, I told my son I'd read him the first Harry Potter book. Is that too scary for a six year-old? I should have read it first to see. He may be spending some nights in bed with us.

That's pretty much my vacation. What can I say? I'm an exciting guy. I'm just going to be happy about not being at work. (Wow, what a concise sentence).


Jenn said...

I knew you were going to post that I was late! Issues along the way, sorry.

Anonymous said...

Lucky you! I have to go back to work tomorrow and I won't get a vacation until December.

Rule of thumb: Do not put your wife on blast in your blog post, unless you like sleeping on the couch. :P

Florinda said...

I have to agree - making yourself later by bringing donuts to work when you're late just seems dumb, or at least misguided, for all the reasons you mentioned.

I think a 6-YO is old enough to have Sorcerer's Stone read to him, but too young to read it on his own - and no matter how much he likes it, the later books should wait till he's older. (My 8-YO stepson is an advanced-ability reader, and he's gotten to the fifth book on his own, but both his dad and I think he's too young for it subject-matter-wise and shouldn't be reading it yet. His mom disagrees, so she OK'd it. But I digress...sorry about that.)

Yeah, sometimes not being at work is all you really need for a vacation :-).

Mike said...

DC: I have vacation in December too. Over the Christmas holiday.

I already talked to Jenn. She knows I didn't mean anything by it. Thanks for the advice though.

Florinda: Thanks for the Harry Potter advice. I knew I could count on you. :) He won't be reading it himself. A little advanced for him at this stage.

Florinda said...

That blog award on your sidebar looks lonely - here's another one to keep it company. Happy Monday! :-)