Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I should be sleeping

I have to work tonight so I should be getting some rest to prepare for it. But, of course, I'm not. After I dropped the kids off at school I had to take my mom to a doctor appointment, then we had an early lunch, I stopped to pick up some gifts for the Easter Bunny (he's lazy, you know) and by the time I got back home I had to pick the kids up in an hour. Now they are home, so rest is out of the question.

I should be much more rested than I am. I was off Sunday and Monday (I even took a nap on Monday) but I'm not. I know a lot of it is psychological. My brain knows that I have to be up all night so it goes into Tired Mode as soon as it realizes the midnight shift is coming up. It usually starts two days early. Just to get me prepared.

Speaking of the weekend, we went to our friend's house for a wine tasting party. I was fun, we had a nice big group of friends and got blasted on wine. I'm kidding of course, we are all responsible drinkers. (Stop laughing!) I will say that the guy running the wine tasting seemed to want us to get toasted. We tried about 12 wines and he went through them very quickly. Since I'm not a wine drinker, I was slow to finish each one, but he was quick to move on to the next. You know, wine hits you pretty quickly when you haven't had dinner yet. The last two wines I made sure the guy gave me just a splash for me to try. I didn't want to get all stupid(er); they kids were there, you know?

It was a good time, though. We haven't all gotten together in much too long, so this was a great idea. We all plan on getting together more frequently now. Next time we'll have a beer tasting.

So, needless to say, Sunday was a day of lounging. We got home kind of late on Saturday, the kids were tired, daddy had a headache, the dogs were tired, so we just hung around the house. Well, Jenn went to work out, but she'd more devoted to that than me. I was going to run on Sunday, but I wasn't up for it, and Monday I was too lazy. This isn't good since I have a race on Saturday. Yes, you are right, I'm on the midnight shift that day so I'll finish at 7am and the race starts at 9am. Is it possible to fall asleep while running? We'll soon find out.

After school on Monday I took the kids to a nature center near our house. I brought my camera, and had the kids take theirs, and we took some pictures. It's a pretty big place. I've been there before but not to the farm part of the center. I was expecting some old barn to be sitting out somewhere in a field that used to be a farm back in the day. Turns out, there were animals there and everything. We've only lived here 15 years and had no idea. We win Parents of the Decade.

This cow seemed to be afraid to come out of the barn. Or it was a fake head, it's hard to tell. Maybe he did like life in the suburbs.

I feel bad for the people whose houses were right in front of this farm. It stunk pretty bad.

More lovely pictures are on my Flickr page.

That's about all I've been up to. Time for a nap.

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