Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Weekend Assignment #308: Chick Flicks or Guy Movies.

Carly wants to know what kind of movies we like. I hope the answer is obvious. Right?!

This week, let's talk about our favorite films. Do you find yourself drawn to one type of movie over another? Chick Flicks or Guy movies, which do you think you watch most often? How often does your spouse, or significant other, choose the movie?

Extra Credit: Write a one paragraph review of the WORST movie you ever saw. :)

Yes, I'm a fan of action flicks and Sci-Fi flicks. Mixing the two together is ideal, but it doesn't always work. I can list all the movies that I've seen that mix these two and end up being terrible. I will still watch them, but they are bad, bad movies. Look, Armageddon is a load of garbage, but I'll still watch it when it comes on. Maybe I think that one time when I watch the movie it will magically be better. Also, I like to laugh at it. I mean, come on, who thinks there are space shuttles that can fly like that? And don't get me started on them launching two shuttles right next to each other. Or them out running fire on a space station. Just don't get me started on the movie at all. It's best for everyone.

Jenn and I used to switch off picking the movie, but we really haven't watched much of anything in a while. She will watch some movies that I will hate while I'm at work and sometimes I'll do the same. When she has to go out of town I usually get some guy movies to watch that I know she'll hate. Which is pretty much any movie I'd pick.

I want to say the worst movie we ever saw was The Tailor of Panama with Pierce Brosnan. I can't write a review of it because my brain has erased everything about that movie in order to save room for more important information, like how to crack an egg. Seriously, it was a bad movie. We rented it because the back of the DVD box made it sound interesting, but it turned out to be a meandering mess. I honestly have no idea what happened, nor did I ten minutes after the movie ended. It was B-A-D.


Florinda said...

I guess you disqualified anything from Mystery Science Theater 3000 as "worst movie ever," huh? I guess that's too obvious. But it's true, truly awful movies can be good for a laugh.

Thanks for giving me one more reason NEVER to watch Armageddon - Ben Affleck and that Aerosmith song were already on the list. :-)

Carly said...

Hi Mike :)

Oh my goodness! I will certainly avoid the movie you chose as the worst movie you ever saw! Yikes. we expect more from Pierce Brosnan!



Tee Hee... My word Verification word is "BASHING" ;)

Mike said...

Florinda: Yes, I did. I figured since MST3K made them enjoyable, I couldn't count them. :)

Carly: Yes, we do expect more from him, that was the reason we rented the movie... :)

Karen Funk Blocher said...

It sounds as though you and Jenn have even less overlap in the movies you like than John and I have. We both occasionally go to the theater without each other, and I usually try to watch the stuff he hates after he goes to bed. He, on the other hand, watches the stuff I hate while I'm blogging in the next room - sometimes watching the same movie I hate that he just watched the week before! How many times in one month does one really need to watch The Watchmen?