Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Do you have trouble cracking an egg?

I mean, real trouble? Well do I have a product for you! Take a look at the EZ Cracker! Look how easy it is to get that egg to split in two and deposit it's yolk into your cake mix. It's like magic! 

Are you stupid enough to crack your egg on the flat counter top like the person in this video? Well, you shouldn't be cooking at all, but if you really want to try, you can use the EZ Cracker. Just make sure your family members don't know you have it since they've probably hidden all the other kitchen utensils from you at this point.

As an added bonus you can easily separate the yolk by putting this tiny little bowl that is exactly the same size as the yolk right underneath the EZ Cracker. I'm sure it will work perfectly every time. Just make sure you hold the EZ Cracker perfectly straight. Even being the tiniest bit off to the side will cause the yolk to miss. You have a steady hand, right? Wait, why am I asking you? You can't even crack an egg.

On a mildly serious note, I thought at first that it could be good for somebody with arthritis, but I don't think you'd be able to squeeze the thing.

Look, a normal person can drop a piece of shell into a mix at some point, but are we really this sad? Are we so stupid that we don't know to make a small crack in the egg before we put it over the pan or bowl? If you want to create a product like this, that is fine but like I've said a million times before, you don't need to make people look like morons to sell a product. If you do, then you probably haven't made a product worth selling. But keep them coming, I like laughing at the commercials.


Cookie said...

Thank you!

I'm guessing it's for people who need every gadget out there. I mean, if you're not smart enough to crack an egg on your own, are you really smart enough to be cooking?


Dreamybee said...

Or for people like me who are suckers for infomercial- type marketing-I totally want one of these now! LOL. I particularly liked the smash-the-egg-with-a-fork-and-then-be-shocked-and-appalled-at-the-mess technique.

Mike said...

Cookie: I can't imagine that this gadget is very durable either. Why bother?

Dreamybee: Yes, when you crack an egg like that, you shouldn't be surprised when there is a mess. :)