Saturday, March 20, 2010

Where have I been?

I just realized it's been nearly a week since my last post. I guess you can say I've been busy. I'm not sure with what exactly, but I know I haven't been here much this week. I even missed this past week's assignment on new urban legends. I had a good idea too. Want to here it?

My new made up urban legend was about a race of super-intelligent, radioactive rats that were living in the sewers and planning a take-over of the over world. They had been feeding off all the pollution and toxic waste and evolved into super smart rats that weren't going to take it anymore. Just to make it interesting I was going to say how their plan was to take over on 09/12/01, but too many lost their lives taking there positions in the World Trade Center on the 11th. Anyway, that's what you missed. See all you miss out on when I'm not around?

Also, I've been practicing my photography skillz. (Can you uses the 'z' when talking about photography? Do I look cool or stupid? Don't answer that.) I went to this sculpture park by our house, that I didn't know existed until last fall, and practiced there. Some turned out okay, but I still need to practice more on composition and such. While this particular picture isn't great, I like it because it is disturbing to me.

See that? The dog's tongue is coming out the back of the head! That is why it is called "Heavy Dog Kiss." I can't think of a more accurate title. The rest of the photos from that day can be found here.
In the weather's snowing. Which really sucks since it was in the upper 60s on Thursday and nearly as warm on Wednesday and Friday. So, yeah, happy Vernal Equinox! Of course tomorrow is the Chicago Shamrock Shuffle race, so it should be nice and chilly for that. It won't be the slush-fest it was last year, but it's not going to be nice. I swear, if it is nice next weekend I'm going to be pissed.

Speaking of races, this year they are moving the long race I've done the last two years to August and moved it to Soldier Field instead of the suburbs. Dammit! So now I'm looking at a half marathon on Labor Day. This makes me nervous since I've never done a race that long. Sure, they long race I do is 9.3 miles so the half is only 4 miles longer, but that is a tough four miles. You know? But the half marathon looks really scenic, doesn't it. Plus, I get to run through Hamburger University. How can I pass that up? We'll see how training goes, I guess.

Well, that's about all I've been up to. It better stop snowing soon.

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Unfocused Me said...

The new theme is great. Looks like you're still planning to run tomorrow (today?) - hope this time I actually get to meet up with you and Jenn.